How Does University Make You Feel

Everyone at university goes through his/her own struggle and present it to the world accordingly.

Below is a list of emotions and feelings of students about their university life.

1. Work Hard! Play Hard! Don't Sleep!

2. R.I.P. G.P.A.

3. It so much pressure that you realize the significance of the little things, even peeing.

4. 24 hours is not enough time, days should be longer

5. Work like a slave all the time

6. Pain in my ass

7. Like I was really smart in high school but clueless as hell here!

8. Happy, free, confuses and lonely at the same time

9. Challenged

10. Game of debts

11. Poor, confused, hungry, tired

12. Happy to be around great people, motivated to be high

13. What is sleep? Is that eatable?

14. Like I need a 100% increase in my dopamine level

15. Like I am awesome

16. Afraid, yet inspired; Lost, yet supported; Insignificant, yet proud

17. Motivated to work hard and continue to improve

18. Emotionally spent, intellectually stifled; but well socialized

19. Like stepping on a Lego

20. Feel like a scholar

21. A waste of my time. Makes me want to vomit

22. Like a flightless bird

23. Have a chance to prove worth here. Hopeful!

24. Like a 4year old potato

25. Like it may be worth it

18650   23/11/2014

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