10 Truths of a University Resident Assistant's Life

Some students relish the thought of being a RA just for the mere authority it has or for the perks of getting paid during college. Life of a RA isn't all about policing around, busting rooms and all other shenanigans.

What is it like to be a RA at the campus, find out below:

1. Erase penises from the whiteboards

Erase penis

2. Help shy students to break the ice

breaking the ice between dorm mates

3. Cut down on own social life, attend a lot of meetings and plan a lot of events

No social life for Resident Assistants RA

4. Plan meets up on short budgets

Plan meetings on short budgets

5. Solve ridiculous roommate issues

Solving roommate issues being a RA

6. Come up with new ideas for door decs

door decs

7. Avoid sleeping with any student on their floor

Avoiding physical contact with girls , RA

8. Deal with couples making out in public

Making out students in public places RA

9. Respond to Call-ins at insanely odd hours

Respond to calls - life of an RA

10. Deal with really creepy dorm vandalism

Dorm Vandalsim - life of a RA

22053   20/01/2015

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