17 amazing pictures by Texas A&M University students

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1. Miss Rev in Halloween spirit  Source 2. Bugs Bunny showed up at protest  Source 3. A student saw this on the way to campus  Source 4. On the Century Tree, not a good idea though  Source 5. Someone left these bottles hanging from tree and call them "art"  Source 6. Nice chalk drawing on campus  Source 7. Cool tradition ever, a snap from 'Elephant Walk'  Source 8. Someone cool left her marks in dorm
9. Lone Survivor Foundation spreading the message 'Never Quit'
10. A beautiful view of Kyle Field  Source 11. One of most awesome moment before the game starts is seeing 'USA'
12. Aggie' "T"
13. Kyle Field and Aggie "T" in 1948. The "T" is made up of the entire Corps of Cadets.  Source 14. A little fireworks
15. More fireworks at Kyle Field
16. Gig'em AGIES
17. Whoop!
14289   17/11/2014

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