Communication. An international job and a wide variety of opportunities

Corporate Communicators are one of the most in-demand professions right now.

The field of Communication continues to be the first industry in the world for investments, profits and employment opportunities. The digital revolution and the affirmation of new media require more and more graduates able to manage with solid professionalism new communication scenarios.

A Corporate Communicator plays a fundamental role in the development of a company. In fact, the communicator takes care of the company image. He or she develops communication activities intended not only for the external public, but also for the company’s employees.

Taking care of communication and relationships is essential for all companies so as to also include intercultural mediation activities. A Corporate Communicator defines the content of the communication between the company for which he works for and the external environment in which the company operates, as well as the timing, the methods and the tone of the communication, in order to create a favorable feeling around the company or institution for which he/she is the spokesperson.

Programs to become a Corporate Communicator with an international mindset

IULM University of Milan created a complete and specific program of study to develop the essential skills in this field: a three-year Undergraduate Degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations (also offered for the first time in English from the academic year of  2019-2020) and a two-year Master's Degree in Strategic Communication (entirely in English) with the possibility of a Dual Degree Italy-UK, which completes the development of technical and theoretical skills.

The three-year Undergraduate Degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations prepares professionals able to manage the relationship processes of companies and public and private organizations maintain with stakeholders in order to support sales, generate and manage brands, increase  visibility and strengthen their reputation.

The two-year Master's Degree Program in Strategic Communication offers a program aimed to develop skills for the most important and specialized sectors of Corporate Communication, together with the corporate and managerial skills of strategic communication.

The program is entirely taught in English and allows you to study for a semester in the United Kingdom: at Huddersfield University and Cardiff Metropolitan University, thus obtaining a Dual Degree (Italy-UK).

Employment opportunities

These courses provide students with the possibility of working in the areas of marketing, corporate, financial and internal communication in different departments such as consumer goods, logistics, services, fashion, culture, sports, entertainment and non-profit.

Graduates will be able to fill roles such as: product and brand manager, account manager, social media manager, media planner, event manager, media relations officer, crisis manager, internal communication specialist, strategic communication manager, global reputation manager, communication specialist, stakeholder relationship manager. Graduates will be able to work within companies, advertising agencies, public relations, promotion and organization of events, market research and public organizations.

The placement rate of IULM former students is very positive, according to the Almalaurea’s 2018 Report: 56% of undergraduates are employed after one year of graduation (compared to a national average of 45.2%). As for master's graduates, 80% find a job after one year of completing the studies  (compared to a national average of 73%).

If you want to become a Corporate Communicator at an international level, these two programmes offered by IULM University of Milan are ideal to join the workforce having the most in-demand skilled currently required by companies.

129   19/06/2019

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