How midterms are wracking students at University of Toronto

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Midterm season is in full swing at University of Toronto and students can be seen re-fuelling at Starbucks, struggling at Robart's library and praying in their dorm rooms. Such chaotic times come with its creativity and as the saying goes "chaos breeds creativity", students turn to Instagram to take a break from their midterm schedule to share their sufferings with the world.

The most lethal weapon in my arsenal against the midterm

I think I need another drink

Highlighter, coffee, and notes! Pretty much everybody's life right now

Why couldn't life get easier

Red Bull and calculators, helping students keeping it together since 1987 (the year Redbull got introduced)

Robarts library is calling

11P.M. Robarts Library - alive and kickin'

Celebrating birthday while preparing for midterms

Learning limits while stretching the eyebrows to their limits

Killing time while amusing everyone around

What's better distraction from midterms than doing some bad art

Oh Autumn why so beautiful during the midterm?

Midterm in 2 hours, lets quiz each other

The loneliness at the UofT grounds during the midterm

This is university - so many choices

The autumn leaf reminds that midterms will be over soon

4490   17/10/2014

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