Why students get mad over tuition fee hike

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How do students express their rage over tuition fee hike? They strike back with images showing hideous ways the university administration wastes tuition fee money. It seems like the administration loves spending on new urinals, stone monuments, 27 inch imacs for the labs, football team or expensive books for libraries which probably no one reads. Have a look at some images of the  "wise" spendings the university administration is making for the betterment of its students.


So happy to see part of our tuition fee spent to put those word on the stone. Feeling inspired already

Inspiring credo stone

Bright painted streets costed $195K, took a week to fade away, now who thinks its a waste of money?

Ryerson University

ryerson pavement paint

Water slides installed with your tuition fee but won't be inaugurated until you graduate

Water Acquatic Center at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

water slides

The giant spider seems like a nice expenditure of tuition fee

Florida Atlantic University

Giant spider

I hope my tuition fee is enough to pay the light bill

Light on

So proud of my tuition money being spent on expensive urinals


Inflatable tubeman is the entertainment my university should spend on

Penn State University

inflatable man

There goes our tuition money in smoke

University of Pittsburgh annual fireworks

Smoking tuition fee

4501   18/10/2014

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