University of Toronto students' life during Exam season

The exam session is putting students through a great ordeal at the University of Toronto. Students tend to fuel up on coffee, spend nights at Robarts library, practicing joga to relax, writing motivational notes, and last but not the least, posting everything on internet.

Here are some of captured moments from the internet of UofT students trying to survive the exam season.

1. The library wall has a message for all.


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2. You need the juice or you shall not pass!


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3.As finals approach nearer, notes start to stack exponentially.


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4. The library offers some yoga classes to fresh-up the exam tormented souls.


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5. Students line up at Gerstain library cafe to get a cup of hot cider.


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6. Some puppy therapy to de-stress.


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7. Exams is a hardship one can only wish to avoid.


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8. Free noodles, cookies and coffee for students brave enough to stay up till 1am at the library. 


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9.Motivational note backed up by chocolate chip cookies.


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10. Exams are heavy, both physically and mentally.


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11. The moment you realize that their is no sip of coffee left in the mug, is the moment you take a study break.


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19145   09/12/2014

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