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University of Otago is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. Dunedin is student oriented town, which has the spark for the student s to have fun and study in a less stressful environment. It’s a place of fashion and style most of the fashion culture in the country originated or was created in Dunedin (The writer is referring to the most popular fashionable brands that have originated or founded in Dunedin, for example, Nom*d, Tanya Carlson, Charmaine Reveley Company of Strangers).  There is a week to celebrate the fashion internationally, every year, which is known as “iD Dunedin Fashion Week”. There are café at every step of the way, if you feel like to have rest or just to take a breather, these are some nice spots. Due to its location near to the sea it is more accessible to have a surfing day at the beach. If that’s not your thing then there are sporting event to quench that thirst for cricket and Ruby which the international sports and attracts a lot of visitors. These all aspects bring the city to a more vibrant color and attract visitors. otago_093652 University of Otago is a part of this marvelous city, thus making it an ideal situation to nurture oneself into an inductive environment which is both for learning and having a great time. van-nguyen One of the students, Van Nguyen, who’s from Vietnam, shares her experience in her blog “8 Reasons to Love Otago” which is about the University of Otago.  According to her,

Because it is beautiful

Otago the most beautiful university in New Zealand and one of the top 10 most beautiful universities in the world. I am so proud of that. In any season, the school looks romantic, lovely, and peaceful. Students can lie on the green grass and relax, while other students can study under big trees. The school seems to be a big garden where students can enjoy beauty of nature while studying in campus. Yes, it is so lovely!

Quick reply and fast admission process

When I was in Vietnam and prepared for admission, I emailed the international office many times to ask for procedure and documents. Surprisingly, all of my emails got replies within 1-2 working days which were really helpful. In addition, at that time, I was in hurry to apply for scholarship so I needed admission as soon as possible. Amazingly, I met Ms. Victoria McEniery at an information day in Vietnam. With her support, I got admission to school within 3 days which was really amazing to me. Thanks to that, I could apply for NZ government scholarship in time and got it. It looked like an adventure for me.

Majors in my school

I chose University of Otago to study, because just in here I can study my desired degree which is Master of Entrepreneurship. There will not be any university other than the University of Otago which can provide me good study environment, knowledge, and experiences about entrepreneurship. University_of_Otago During past 4 months, I have obtained lessons from four professors and doctors as well as guest speakers who are already successful with their businesses. Thus, I can get not only knowledge, but also good advice and business relationships. It is interesting to study from successful entrepreneur's sharing rather than study only from books. In addition, if you have a business idea and want to ask for advice to make it come true, they are here to help you. School also has the Audacious business idea contest where students can have good network, opportunity to learn and share as well as to get $40,000 prize.” These are the few reasons shared by the writer. Further on, according to the writer the university is not 100% perfect. It has some draw backs as well like living condition in the flat (Apartment) is not that great experience.  Some students complain about, “It is hard to know from your home University which courses are available for the year. In my opinion, this should be improved.” otago_093866 All in all, with respective to the University the ratio says that it’s a great place to come and learn. Last checked on May 23, 2013 by the writer that there are no available scholarships uptil now, maybe there will be some scholar ship in the university in the past or the future but it’s not currently available.   Sources:
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