What is it like during the start of the spring semester?

Spring semester is about to commence after a long healing period of the winter holidays. If you screwed up your finals, you probably will have replenished the courage to start the next semester, or you might still be stuck with a lazy professor who hasn't posted the final grades yet, either way the spring semester is almost here and things are starting to move on.

What is student life like at the beginning of the spring semester? Read below to find out:

Registering for Classes


Most students will find themselves struggling with the university online system to get registered for the classes they are planning to take in the spring semester without landing on the waiting-list. The university's online system will try to make the process as difficult as it can.

Asking other students for feedback on professors


Students turn to facebook to ask senior students about a particular professor they are interested to take a course with. The questions, students ask about their professors, can be about their method of teaching, their grading, their assignment workload, down to their personality, their ethnicity, their tolerance to cell phones in class and their choice of coffee.

Working out a class schedule


Working out a class schedule that doesn't conflict with your sleep patterns, commute time, part-time job or even your lazy late rising habit can be a hell of a job. Students plan their schedules to be to all 8am classes, or all afternoon classes or a schedule with breaks in between classes.

Waiting for grades from lazy professors


Professor can be really mean with their final's grading. Some might take a week to grade the final papers, while the evil ones can take as long as 4 weeks. A desperate crowd of victims (students) can be seen whining about their professor as they wait for their grades while hitting refresh on the computer screen.

Trying to sell the old stuff


A flood of posts related to selling old stuff hits facebook with students trying to get rid of their old notes, books and iclickers to get some cash.

Campaigning to get students to register for a course


Some students will start a campaign to get other students to register for a course they are taking to avoid it from getting canceled due to low registrations. It usually is a course in history or philosophy that no one wants to take. (no offense!)

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