FAQ on Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How can we help?

I've asked a question but I want to edit it. What should I do?
You can easily edit your question anytime by clicking the "Edit" button below the question.
I've asked a question but it doesn't appear on the website. Why?

Your question may not have complied with the guidelines and for this reason, it has been removed.

How many points can I get by replying to the questions?
You can earn 20 points per each valid answer provided.
I've replied to a question but the points have not been credited. Why?
It usually takes about 48 hours to credit points.
Under what circumstances an answer is removed?

Your answer will be deleted if it doesn't comply with the guidelines. In this case, points won't be credited and in worst cases, your account may be banned.

After replying to a question, my account has been blocked. Why?

"Your account may have been temporarily banned due to improper behavior. Answers are intended to help those users that are in need of assistance. If you think you haven't commit any misconduct, you can contact us here."