Our Story

Many errors, ongoing improvements and above all, a strong passion for our work helped us to achieve important milestones.

It all starts with a necessity
"I've been studying abroad for 1 year and I was finding it difficult to gather study material online. Also, I couldn't find a space where to interact with students from other countries. So, I asked myself: how come there's no any international community for students where all of this could happen?"
Riccardo Ocleppo, Founder
Docsity is online
In 2012, after several months spent contacting students from all over Europe and receiving thousands of study notes via email, this dream came true: Docsity is now online in different languages such as Italian, Spanish, English, French, Serbian, Russian and Polish
The community is growing
After launching the first version of the website, we continue to work hard in order to optimize our service and its features. Meanwhile, thanks to word-of-mouth among the English-speaking students, Docsity has instantly become a mini-success counting thousands of registered users in a few months.
We aren't the only ones who believe in Docsity!
"The project is still growing, reaching 1,200,000 users registered in a few years. Soon, some important and international investors started putting their trust and invested in our project: founders and top Managers from Soundcloud, Goeuro and Dropbox are among them."
The graphic evolution
It’s time to give a graphic makeover to the main pages of the website. We provide an increasingly interconnected and functional user experience.
What will the future bring us?
We will keep innovating and evolving the service to become, day by day, a student's best ally.