The Project

Docsity is an educational social network ideal for those within the world of teaching whether it be university students, those in higher education, professors, graduate students or teachers.

How it works?

Today, communication and the free exchange of information between students is an essential part of one’s development. It is for this reason that Docsity was born; to act as a reference point for those requiring this aid, and to provide a simple and fun platform for students to exchange teaching materials whilst getting to know each other.


With a database of over 600,000 members and over 350,000 documents posted on the site, Docsity offers notes, questions, videos and news updates. The majority of which are produced, decided upon and chosen by the same students and professors that use Docsity, thus guaranteeing an excellent form of study support, starting from the point where universities and other academic institutions have left off.

Registered users 2.508.916
Notes 1.092.801
Questions and answers 1.268.140
Videos 31.328
Languages 8