Pepsi lipton assignment

Pepsi lipton assignment

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Q) Should Brisk be advertised on primetime TV or with viral ads in the months following the Super Bowl ad? Why?

A) In this case, since the budget is limited, the viral ads are more doable for Brisk.

The benefits of TV ads: Broader audience.TV has better mass appeal than other forms of advertising for a number of reasons. Some watch the TV to stay abreast with the latest financial information, while others simply enjoy viewing comedy shows, dramas, sport shows and news.

This is a great way to advertise your goods and products as it reaches a wider audience from different backgrounds. * It is intrusive while some consider intrusiveness as harmful, but for those involved in advertising it’s a great opportunity to reach the target audience. Although some viewers may be offended by many commercials, many will never miss their show after the commercial. Therefore, this allows you to reach a wider audience. * A variety of communication techniques

According to recent statistics, the average person watches TV for almost an hour every day, which is far more than one spends reading the magazine or listening to radio. Unlike radio, TV viewers enjoy a variety of commercials without interruption whatsoever, thus it is a great way to reach the target audience. Even though advertising is a flexible form of advertisement, it is slightly expensive than other advertising methods such as the radio. The benefits of Viral ads:

* Easy to execute. There are several methods of sending viral contents or messages and all of them are easy to do. Among those methods are sending email, instant messaging, and using web sites. Sending viral messages through these media will not take much effort and time. * Low-cost. As compared to sending direct mails, viral marketing proves to be cheaper and a more cost-effective method. With just a little investment on viral advertising, its power can reach even hundreds of thousands of people as compared to spending the same amount of money to traditional advertising methods. That is because the only money to spend is for sending the initial set of viral contents, then forwarding or replicating the message will not require additional costs anymore. * Good targeting. With viral marketing, there is a huge probability that the message will reach people that are interested in

it. Since the concept of viral marketing is essentially passing on a message from a user to another person, most likely, the user will pass it to a person whom he knows will be interested in it. Thus, the percentage of wasted advertising, which is sending the message to the wrong market, will be reduced. * High and rapid response rate. Since viral marketing reaches a good number of the business' target market, there is also a big possibility to have a high turnover ratio. Even if the responses will not immediately convert into profits, there will still be huge traffic that the business will receive which is what most web owners want.