Promotional language , Exercises for English

Promotional language , Exercises for English

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Linguaggio promozionaleper una località turistica in lingua inglese
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Introductory presentation

geographical location

historical/ art aspects/ features

Presentation of the main towns resorts/attractions


Entertainments, sports facilities,

Experience the...for a change of scenery Why not discover the unforgettable ... Are you tired of the usual beach/ mountain/holiday? See the most popular tourist destination in Southern Europe: Italy Choosing a destination in Italy is sth. to undertake with attention Do you like visiting....? have you ever made an activity holiday? We have selected our best resorts across our region The region will welcome you in a friendly and hearty atmosphere. A visit to this historic region will be a memorable experience Soak up the atmosphere of the past Get to know the fascinating....

You will enjoy the enchanting region of.... by discovering its...... There cannot be a more beautiful setting than that of ..... Crowned by......and surrounded by...... a dramatic and diverse tourist destination Lazio is the region of central-western Italy It is located in the north of the Italian Peninsula It is in the heart of the country Among the region’s appealing natural attractions are... The region of Tuscany/ the Tuscany region

You can see outstanding examples of Gothic Architecture The region boasts/offers/features/ attractive beaches, resorts, villages ... Tuscany: the region of the rich cultural heritage of great art-masters

The main attraction is the scenery/the cultural heritage of… You can visit old/charming villages/ towns.. There are masses of things to do... Courmayeur is home to Mont Blanc, the highest point in the Alps and western Europe. Milan is the shopping hub of the north..

Through the summer season there is a stream of festivals, shows, competitions and fairs. You will certainly remain entranced by the spectacular atmosphere of this traditional festival. The Palio is a historic horse race Viareggio Carnival is a parade of allegorical floats made of papier maché representing famous people, such as: politicians, showmen, sportsmen.

If you are really keen on cycling, water sports.. do not miss the opportunity to... Musical performances, dances, shows and exhibitions, which are always longed for, will entertain the visitors. To complete the evening there will be lots of dance performances, live music and much more.

Entertainments, sports facilities


Crafts and Shopping


There are many sports facilities, like: golf courses, tennis courts, camp sites… Grab a map and get your hiking boots on because this land is a playground for trekkers.

Taste Piedmontese delicatessen /treats Savouring the best of Piedmont culinary tradition Wine tasting at première estates Enjoy a memorable food and wine tour of the mysterious and fascinating Take the chance to savour the unmistakable flavour … Last but not least, delicious food and wines can also be appreciated throughout the area. Its regional specialities are....

Apart from having the pleasure of tasting local food products, visitors learn to appreciate typical crafts. Hand-craft markets are held in the main streets/in the main square in the summer Enjoy a stroll among the stalls with some handmade products. Autumn/summer fairs with culinary hand- craft stands Handicraft exhibitions with the excellences of the territory will be held.

All this is just a hint/ a taste/ a foretaste of what you can see in… I hope you've enjoyed our visit to ….. Cap your tour of...with a farewell dinner

Cap your ......tour of .....with a store of happy memories.

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