Questionnaire-Report Writing Skills-Final Report (Biomimetics), Projects for Effective Business Report Writing. Agra University

Questionnaire-Report Writing Skills-Final Report (Biomimetics), Projects for Effective Business Report Writing. Agra University

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This is report for project on Biomimetics. Main purpose of report is to learn Report Writing Skills. It was submitted to Prof. Deeba Tyagi at Agra University. It includes: Questionnaire, Biomimetrics, Bionics, Mechanisms...
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Biomimetics:  Are we excited? 

  Name (optional) _____________________ Gender: (female/male) Department: ________________________ Occupation: ___________ Biomimetics or Bionics is the term used to describe the substances, equipment, mechanisms and systems by which humans copy natural systems and designs, especially in the fields of defence, nanotechnology, robot technology, and artificial intelligence.

1. Have you ever heard the term ‘Biomimetics’ or this technology before?  No  Yes

2. Do you think Biomimetics is a worthy technology?  Yes, more developments should be made  No, scientists should spend their time on better issues

3. Is Biomimetics the first step of many interesting developments to follow?  Yes  No

4. What do you think how much percentage of natural phenomena we will be able to copy in our technology in the next 20 or 30 years?

 Less than 20%  50%  70%

5. Biomimetics is indicated by many the ‘future of engineering’, do you think it’s:  True  False  I don’t know

6. The phrase “we are enthusiastic to make computers do our work and thinking” is:  True as scientific developments prove the issue  False because the thought is only being imposed

7. Provided further developments are made, Our future generations would be:  Machine reliant  Efficient  Lazy  It will have no effect

8. Robots giving lectures for you is a:  Dream come true  Crazy thought

9. Recently smart cars have been introduced. These can park, sense other cars, stop for traffic signals and avoid traffic on their own. Do you think they will add to traffic accidents?

 No they will be reliable  Yes, because they are programmed which can be flawed

10. What will be your reaction, if you find that our army has a suit that imitates chameleon skin?  Excited  Won’t believe  Of course it’s possible 

11. How about applying photosynthetic principles to solar production of hydrogen?  It’s a great idea for energy conservation  It’s impossible  It’s Efficiency will be low

Thank you for giving us your precious time

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