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Introduction - Civil Law - Lecture Slides

Introduction, Civil Law, Types of Settlements, Non Damage, Alternate Sources, Motor Vehicle Insurance, No Fault Insurance, Workers Compensation, Criminal Injuries Compensation, Judgment Debtor are some points from this lecture of Civil Law.

Case Research - Civil Law - Lecture Slides

Case Research, Finding a Case, Features of All West Digests, Digest Paragraphs, Outline of American Law, Federal Digests in the West System, Key Number System, Descriptive Word Index, Federal Digest, Regional Digests are some points from this lect...

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Law of Torts - Civil Law - Lecture Slides

Law of Torts, Civil Law, Tort of Negligence, Defendant Breach, Donoghue V Stevenson, Mcdonalds Coffee Case, Plaintiff’S Injuries, Coffee Case, Tort of Negligence, Case Studies are some points of Civil Law lecture slides.

Partners in Justice - Civil Law - Lecture Slides

Partners in Justice, Juvenile Justice System, Enforcement Officer, Law Enforcement Investigation, Temporary Custody, Fingerprints and Photographs, Non Divertible Offenses, Fingerprints and Photographs, Court Counselor, Court Counselor Authority ar...