Socio-Economic Impact Analysis, Thesis for Economics

Socio-Economic Impact Analysis, Thesis for Economics

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SEIA conducted in Cembo, Makati City
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Socio-Economic Impact Analysis

Submitted by:

Caranto, Geremy

Castillo, Kimberly Nicole

Escalderon, Je-Ann

Isip, Iris

Magno, Joanne Sophia

Sanico, Zyrelle Fe

Sy, Ahcy Mari

Socio-Economic Impact Analysis

Abbreviated as SEIA, is used to systematically analyze the probable socio-economic

impacts of an offered concept or development to distinguish and assess how it affects the

community of people. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis is a big help for developers to avoid

disadvantageous impacts from happening to the community that is being immersed into.

Developers are not the ones who are deciding whether the socio-economic component

is necessary or not, the decision lies within the people who live in the community, because

they are the ones who will be affected once the development has been implemented. Aside

from that, SEIA helps in the planning of the concept in order to maximize its beneficial

impacts among the people.



Every business must go through screening wherein analysing all the possible impacts

on the socio-economic environment. All possible issues must be considered during the

analysis. Scoping helps in knowing the restrictions or the limitations a business must know. It

will also help in digging deeper on how the business could improve and other alternatives

that has an easier access. They could compare and assess the possible community that they could use for the development. This is also to evaluate the assessed community. This is a

guide for the business to know if there will be an impact in the environment.

a. Spatial Boundaries

Napindan is just a small area of Taguig City that is very abundant when it comes to water

plants just like water lilies, water hyacinths. There are no other areas in the place that these

plants could be transferred since the whole body of water is already covered with it. The

place is very limited. Not like other barangays beside Napindan, they have ways on how they

can use these plants into a useful items or products. Water spinach is also abundant in the

area. As mentioned in the development, Kangcong TV plans to get water spinach in

Napindan and it will be used as the main ingredient of the food business. This will be hard

since the members of Kangcong TV are from another city. They need to properly talk to those

persons who own and manage their own water spinach. They need to have patience especially

if the person they're going to talk to is very hard to pursue.

Regarding the issue of water spinach, Kangcong TV must make sure that the water spinach

that they're going to supply has no damage or it's in perfect shape. This will take time since

it's hard to know where water spinach really grew. This could only be answered by those who

take care of water spinach. If these issues are visible, these will highly affect the communities

and the families. If this will not be solved, water spinach will only be stuck from where it

grew. Many people will avoid eating this vegetable because of the bacteria or the diseases

that this vegetable could bring to our body especially that it mostly grow in the bodies of

water like bays or lake. These will cause a lot more problem. If the drainage is already being

clogged by the water spinach then it will be more clogged because it was already left there

alone, no one fixing the problem. This may also affect the fishing livelihood since there are

no chances that they could get fishes from the lakes and bays because of the abundance of

water spinach.

b. Temporal Boundary

Planning Stage is where the Kangcong TV proposed on how to make the development of

water spinach to reduce its abundance. This will also help reduce the unemployment rate in

Napindan, Taguig City. This would help in increasing the livelihood in the barangay. There is

uncertainty if the people in the community would likely adapt this proposal.

Construction Stage is the start of the working phase. The capital of Kangcong TV is only

limited since they're just starting to build their own business. They are also limited when it

comes to manpower. The members of Kangcong TV are the ones who are going to work for

themselves. They don't have yet employees. They have different roles so it's easier to work

without any problems. They only live in the same city so there's no hassle.

Operational Stage will be the same like how Kangcong TV is the in charge with the labor

and no one else. It will take time for them to be a bigger family.

Closure/ Decommisioning Stage is where the business will be removed from the community

especially if it's not really working. The impact of the business takes time and if the business

is really removed then the unemplyment rate will be back from the rate of it before.

Post-Development Stage shows the impact of the business if it's from a larger development.

KangCong TV just wants the proposed development to last long and be recognized by the


The impact of the business will happen if the community will gladly accept the proposal. It

will show if the business is very helpful then that is where the impact will be recognized.

There is uncertainty when it comes to longevity of the impact. It will always fall to the

receiver of the impact. But observing could help the longevity since it can be seen if the

people loves the business or not. When people get tired of what they're doing, this could

change the impact. The impacts could be helpful to the past, present and future

developments. This could be a guide on how other businesses can improve their plan and


Profiling Baseline Conditions


The second step of Socio-Economic Impact Analysis is used to gather and rigorously

understand the data that concerns the socio-economic environment of the chosen community

as well as the context of the offered development itself. In order to consider Profiling

Baseline Conditions as an effective one, it should address the state of the community from

the past, present and as well as the trends that bloomed and yet to rise. It should also tackle

about the possible change that may occur in the future and how will the proposed

development influence that change.

In addition, it also impacts valued socio-economic components and distinguish

potentially influenced community that is unsafe and resilient.

Data Collection Method

In order to gather the data necessary in this study, the researchers decided to use the

method of formal interview with a representative from the barangay of Napindan,Taguig City

who has a proper knowledge regarding the subject.

Fifteen Relevant and engaging questions will be provided by the researchers for the

representative to answer together with a recorder and notes for more accurate and secured

reference for this study.

Relevant Benchmarks and Indicators

Valued Socio-


Component Criteria Indicator

Meaning and

Potential Value Source


Economic Well-


Income Levels • Median



• Income by

source –

especially social assistance rates

Identifies the average

income of residents

of Napindan, Taguig.

Distinguish the

source of income that

will help to recognize the indication of

dependence level on

income assistance.

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City


Rates and Types

• Employment


• Employment

participation rate

• Rates of

seasonal and



Percentage of

employed residents

of Napindan, Taguig.

Provides the

percentage of

available workers,

both employed and unemployed who are

participating in the

workforce within the


Specifies the

economic stability of

Napindan, Taguig

City and the level of

participation of the

residents in the

traditional economy.

Provides the

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of Napindan,

Taguig City

• Percentage of

Individuals and

families living

below poverty


percentage rage of

the marginalized and


populations existing

in Napindan, Taguig.

Statistics of


Taguig City

Economic Well-




• Comparison of

census date and

occupational profiles of


residents with



with the



• Percentage of


people engaged

in traditional


• Number of local


bankruptcies and

start ups

Provides the level of

influence of the

proposed development to the

occupational profile

of the community


Measures capacity of

the traditional


Issue an accurate number of existing

and non-existing

(bankrupt) businesses

that may help in

seeking business

opportunities that

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City

concerns the

changing trends and

prevention of





• Percentage of


engaged in



• Percentage of

income derived

from traditional



• Market value of



Measures capacity of

the traditional


Provides the ratio of

traditional economic

activities to wage

labor market to seek

the value of the

traditional market.

Market demand for

the products that are

made by the

traditional economy


Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City

Statistics of


Taguig City





• Yearly



• Population

mobility (intra-

territorial and


• Napindan,


Characteristics of the


Statistics of


Taguig City


growth by age

• Number of



Predicting Impacts


For this chapter, it will explain how the business affects the chosen community in all

possible way, the problems are going to be illustrate as well as the proposed solution.

Along these lines, here will be discussed if the business helps prevent the bad impact

or enhance the good impact.

Economic Impact

Since we demand for product innovation, the economic impact of our business

is that first, it will help other people to think of something that can be very

useful and at the same time, can help the environment. We are here to show

them that we can use all of the things we see in our environment and be

innovative in inventing things. Second, recently there’s this news that was

recently happened here in the Philippines and according to ABS CBN News,

Farmers in Benguet province were forced to throw away tons of vegetables

they harvested last week as prices sank in markets and trading posts amid oversupply. We don’t want that to happen that’s why we make use of the

abundance of kangkong in a way that it won’t be thrown away to rot until it’s

already not useful or somehow prevent its numerous amount of supply in the

market. Also, this is one of the reasons why we came up with this kind of

unconventional business.

Social Impact

We, the owners of KangCong TV decided to establish this business that will

help the people in Napindan to have a livelihood, especially mothers. The

social impact of our business to our chosen community is that the number of

unemployed citizens who live there will decrease once the business is already

established. Mothers will earn income by just cooking and selling the products

which are lumpiang kangcong, siomai kangcong, kangcong patty, and

kangcong nuggets that our group came up with. We want to help them in a

way that we can indirectly provide their income through our business. We’re

going to share everything that we can, from the recipe to its process in order

for them to improve our proposed business and for them to have an idea. On-

the-go snacks are somehow still a trend right now so when it comes to

marketing and finding their consumers, there will be no problem.

Health Impact

Our business which is KangCong TV will make an impact on people’s health

since the main ingredient of our on-the-go snack is Kangkong. Kangkong is a

vegetable rich in many nutrients that our body needs and its actually tasteless

but admired because of its crunchiness. According to Healthline, water

spinach or what we called kangkong here in the Philippines, is one of the

nutritious vegetables that were blessed upon us. It has vitamin B that helps our

brain to function well, cell metabolism, and it also prevents infections. Kathleen Zelman shared from her article that vitamin C which is also present

in water spinach, protects our immune system from deficiencies,

cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin

wrinkling. While Alina Bradford wrote on her article that vitamin A includes

the formation and maintenance of teeth, bones, soft tissue, white blood cells,

etc. These 3 vitamins already gave us lots of things we can benefit from, what

more with the additional two such as: Phosphorus that filter out these waste in

our kidneys and calcium that builds and maintains strong bones of our body.

Cultural Impact

Here in the Philippines, we always add vegetables to our menu or we

experiment something especially for the kids in order for them to eat it. We

have a lot of suppliers when it comes to vegetable. We considered it us one of

our cultures since we have a lot of delicious pinoy food that includes

vegetables in it. We are rich in farms and agricultural products. According to

Pinas DLSU, The Philippines is an agricultural country with a land territory of

30 million hectares, 47% of which is farming area. In the Philippines, prime

horticultural terrains are situated around the principle urban and high populace

thickness territories. Of the complete zone under nourishment crops, coconut

represented the greatest normal reap territory of 4.25 million hectares.

Sugarcane with 673 thousand hectares; Industrial harvests with 591 thousand

hectares; 148 thousand hectares for natural products; 270 thousand hectares

for vegetables and rootcrops; 404 thousand hectares for field and 133 hectares

for cutflower. Sadly, in today’s generation, especially in NCR, this kind of

culture is slowly disappearing. A lot of fast food chain was established and

those fast foods can be seen everywhere. Some of us admired those food

chains because of the favorable experience that it gives us. No need for us to

cook food at home, less hassle and work. We are into meat that we can now

finally set aside the vegetables, the nutrients it has. Based on the studies of

University of the Philippines-Diliman students conducted, 1,030 students aged

16 to 20 commonly pick fast food products for them to consume. Because fast

food contains excessive amount of energy, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium,

and cholesterol for 16 to 18 years of age, it is the more preferable food to eat. As a result, we had an overflowing supply of vegetables. The cultural impact

of our business here is that vegetables will finally be noticed again because of

our innovative invention. People will have an idea of also doing these things

so that vegetables will not be thrown away again whenever there will be

surplus again and aside from that, our culture will finally brought back when it

comes to Pinoy dishes.

Impact on Water

Here in the Philippines, the kangkong vegetable can be seen in swampy areas.

With its abundance all around, it can be sell intensely cheap. By means of

abundance, it can actually consider as one of the water hyacinths competitor in

swampy areas. With this kind of weather in the Philippines, it can probably

cause a surplus because of some delays in harvesting and no one wants that to

happen that’s why our business will be the way to lessen the numerous amount

of kangkong. Our products were actually less meat, more kangkong. In each

product, 1 leash of kangkong will be distributed and that’s reasonable because

aside from producing a healthy snack, we are lessening the production or

abundancy of kangkong in waters.

Identifying Mitigation

Kangcong TV chose Barangay Napindan in Taguig City because they have discovered

that the said community has 20% of unemployment rate. At this point, Kangcong TV

was established with innovative ingredients by using kangkong or water spinach as

the primary and main ingredient of every snack Kangcong TV offers. This is their

plan to help the unemployed citizens in Napindan, mainly the mothers, since they

have noticed that some peole in the community plant and grow water spinach in their

own places or areas. Kangcong TV can help them by being the supplier of kangkong

which is the main ingredient that they need for their business. Although Kangcong TV

cannot import all of the harvest in every household, but in some ways, Kangcong TV

can at least lessen the unemployment rate of the community. They have also planned

that if the business will become successful, they can give or grant the people in the

community the recipe of KangkongTV. This can also help the unemployed mothers or

parents, especially who has a plant of water spinach, by using the recipe made by

Kangcong TV.

Evaluating Significance


The evaluating significance contemplates the initiated enhancement of valued socio-

economic components if it will change or decrease to lower level of the acceptable

threshold. This resolved to determine the growth enhancement that may cause

unfavorable impacts on the components of socio-economic.

Affected Communities

The abundance of aquatic plants in Napindan, Taguig City becomes one of the difficulties for the fishermen. For the reason that fishermen are hardly can work and

capture fish for their daily needs and occupations. For these issues, we cannot avoid

the fact that there are also other communities are affected.

KangCong TV was not established just to gain profit. The company had been

established to aid the deficiency of market place for the abundance of the aquatic

plants that become a problem to their barangay. The focus will also revolve to the

20% unemployed citizens to provide their own income by the use of KangCong TV’s

snacks they produce. The KangCong TV is willing to help the people in Napindan,

Taguig City to have a livelihood, and an enhancement on their lifestyle. This will also

help the abundance of water spinach of barangay Napindan to have a cycle and make

use of their local raw goods. The products that the company produces are not just

about snacks, it’s a healthy snack that can provide different vitamins and proteins in

the human body since people nowadays are not into eating healthy food.

Other Parties’ Perspective on Significant Impacts

Traditional and Local Knowledge

Filipino people have been using vegetable as the main recipe in any of Filipino dish.

Since water spinach is one of the large amounts of aquatic plants in Napindan, Taguig

City, and also the local plant that we have in the Philippines. The company had

decided to grab the opportunity to make this to another level. In current time, Filipino

people are into foods that are new to their taste. Combining the abundance of water spinach into a snack that is trending in the present-time is what the company that

came up to. Kangkong siomai, lumpiang kangkong, kangkong nuggets, kangkong

patty are the snacks that the company has made that could be help as a livelihood for

the unemployed people in Napindan.

Community-based Assessment Efforts

KangCong TV went to Napindan, Taguig City and conducted an interview to one of

the barangay official. Few questions were asked primarily to the abundance of aquatic

plants, problems to their community, percent of unemployed people, etc. The

abundance of aquatic plants has no market place for them to make used as a

livelihood, especially water hyacinth. They just smash the roots to the leaves and let it

rotten. Second answer that KangCong TV focuses is the 20% unemployed people in

Napindan, Taguig City and the company is willing to help to provide their income

through the company indirectly.


KangCong TV is making its way to established better relationship towards to various

communities of Napindan, Taguig City. The company is willingly to help them by the

used of the products that they come up with water spinach, which is one of the

abundance aquatic plants in Napindan. Supporting the local plant that the country

have, also the place has it, it will make easier for the communities to own and be

productive out of it. To be engaged to the community needs and to have an

understanding to people who are unemployed have their income through the use of

their own product.


The objective of the communities in Napindan, Taguig City is to have a relationship

to the officials and providing the needs that the communities are lacking. Solving the

issues that the place has and to make a better surrounding for the people living in

barangay Napindan. It’s also important for them to feel safe, and have a healthy living

which the officials of barangay Napindan provide for them. Promoting new

opportunities like various livelihood activities to the communities to engage and have

an enhancement in their barangay.

Applying Mitigation and Monitoring

For the researchers to establish a Socio-Economic Impact Analysis, apply mitigation

and monitoring is a necessary part of the study, because it is used to measure changes

with the use of scientific and traditional knowledge regarding the community chosen.

As for Kangcong TV, Napindan, Taguig City is the place to be immersed into

therefore; regular assessment of indicators is needed to be done systematically and


The methods that will be used as Kangcong TV continues to analyze the community

for this study include:

• Inspection of the policies and regulations that are implemented in Napindan,

Taguig City to make sure that the laws are being followed by the residents and

barangay officials as well.

• Taking part on the promotion of activities and public involvement of people

that will help for the researchers to have systematic monitoring and adaptive

management systems in order to make this study accurate.

• Establishing an agreement for the provision of appropriate resources that

include money and manpower.

• Inaugurate formulated mechanisms to alter the reducing measure to cope up

with the sudden changes that will happen in the near future that may greatly

affect the study as well as the threats and disaster that may occur.

• Immediate action based on planning whenever a change happened suddenly.

• Regular assessment of auditing of adaptive management system in order to

enhance and strengthen the accountability of the study conducted.

• Presentation of the reports and data gathered to the public including the

mentor of the study for transparency.


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Official site of Taguig City:

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