Specification, Learning Experience, Educational Objectives-Curriculum Development-Exam Paper, Past Exams for Effective CV Writing

Specification, Learning Experience, Educational Objectives-Curriculum Development-Exam Paper, Past Exams for Effective CV Writing

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This exam paper is for Curriculum Development course. Its necessary in master of education. This paper includes: Curriculum, Syllabus, Specification, Experience, Learning, Principles, Idealistic, Realistic, Hidden, Proce...
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May) (Time: 3 Hours Maximum: 80 Marks

SECTION–A (102=20) Answer all the questions in about 70 words

Each all questions carry equal marks

1. Differentiate curriculum and syllabus.

2. How is open curriculum different from hidden curriculum?

3. What do you mean by specification?

4. Define the term learning experience.

5. List any four basic principles of curriculum development.

6. How is idealistic curriculum different from realistic curriculum?

7. What is meant by curriculum process?

8. What do you mean by curriculum design?

9. What is cultural lag?

10. What are the pillars of Education?

SECTION –B (65=30) Answer any six of the following

Questions in about 250 words each

11. Curriculum is a plan-Define.

12. Explain the system managerial approach to curriculum development.

13. Write a note on Gagne’s hierarchial learning.

14. Explain the usefulness of taxonomy of educational objectives.




15. What are the theories of social change?

16. Explain any five principles of the curriculum framework.

17. Describe the sources of curriculum design.

18. Learning the Treasure within-explain.

SECTION –C (215=30)

Answer All questions Questions in about 250 words each

19. a) Explain the concepts of curriculum. (OR)

b) Philosophy is a basic foundations for curriculum development-Justify.

20. a) Discuss on the taxonomy of educational objectives that come under three domains of learning.

(OR) b) Explain the vertical and horizontal dimension of curriculum organization.

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1. fiyj;jpl;lj;jpw;Fk; ghljpl;lj;jpw;Fk; cs;s ntWghL vd;d?

2. jpwe;j fiyj;jpl;lk; kiwe;j fiyj;jpl;lj;jpypUe;J vt;thW ntWgLfpwJ.

3. nehf;ff; TWfs; vd;why; vd;d?

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6. fUj;Jf;bfhs;if fiyj;jpl;lk; g[w cz;ikf; bfhs;if fiyj;jpl;lj;jpypUe;J vt;thW ntWgLfpwJ?

7. fiyj;jpl;l bray;Kiw vd;why; vd;d?

8. fiyj;jpl;l totikg;g[ vd;why; vd;d?

9. gz;ghl;L njf;fk; vd;why; vd;d?

10. fy;tpapd; ehd;F J]z;fs; ahit?



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xt;bthU tpila[k; 250 thh;j;ijfSf;F kpfhky; ,Uf;fntz;Lk;

11. fiyj;jpl;lk; xU jpl;lk; - tiuaW

12. fiyj;jpl;l tsh;r;rpapd; Kiwik epUthf mQFKiwia tpsf;Ff.

13. fhf;ndapd; goepiyf; fw;wy; nfhl;ghl;il vGJf.

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15. r_f khw;wnfhl;ghLfs; ahit?

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17. fiyj;jpl;l totikg;g[f;fhd ts_y';fis tpthp.

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750. thh;j;ijfspy; tpilaspf;ft[k;

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M) jj;Jtk; fhiyj;jpl;l tsh;r;rpapd; ,d;wpaikahj mog;gilahf jpfH;fpwJ vd;gij cWjpgLj;Jf

20. m) _d;W fw;wy; g[y';fSf;F fpnH tUk; fy;tp Fwpf;nfhs;fspd; tFg;g[ bjhFg;g[ Kiwikia tpthp.

(my;yJ) M) fiyj;jpl;l xG';fiktpd; br';Fj;J kw;Wk; fpilkl;l ghpkhz';fis




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