SSC English model paper, Past Exams for English

SSC English model paper, Past Exams for English

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SSC Telangana model paper in English subject
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I. Five out of seven questions from main reading. 5x1=5 Marks


Reading A: 3 Analytical questions

Reading B: 2 Analytical questions

Reading C: 2 Analytical questions

II. A passage about 2 or 3 lines from Reading ‘A’ is to be given. Five very short

analytical questions are to be set. 5x1=5

III. Essay question – Production of discourses. Conversation/ description (minor

discourses) are to be set. 5x1=5

IV. Vocabulary Awareness Testing 5x1=5

Close test/ multiple choice (from the unit)

V. Grammar and Punctuation (from the unit only) 5x1=5



Sub: English Max. Marks: 25

Class: X Time: 1 hr

I. Answer any five of the following questions.

1. Which incident in this text is funny? What makes it funny?

2. What do you learn the life of Nick Vujicic?

3. What made Nic choose Bethany Hamilton as his teacher to learn surfing?

4. What did Socrates suggest as the secret to success? Do you agree or disagree? Give

reasons for your answer.

5. What happened when Thomas Edison was 67 ?

6. What, according to Narayana Murthy, can change the life of a person?

7. How did Murthy react when his father refused to send him to IIT?

II. Read the following passage:

Nick's father was a computer programmer and an accountant and he taught his little

son how to type with his toe at just 6 years old. His mum invented a special plastic device

that meant he could hold a pen or pencil.

Despite the risk of being bullied, his parents insisted Nick on attending mainstream

school. 'It was the best decision they could have made for me, 'adds Nick, who later achieved

a degree in Financial Planning and Real Estate. 'It was very hard but it gave me


Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheelchair for mobility, and a team

of carers to help him.

‘Iwas deeply depressed when I was eight years old, 'he said. 'I went to my mum

crying and told her I wanted to kill myself.

'I felt cold and bitter. I hated God for doing this to me and was terrified of what would

happen when my parents weren't there look after me'.

'I could brush my own teeth with a wall mounted brush and wash my own hair with

pump action soap, but there was so much that was impossible for me'.


Now answer the following questions. 5x1=5

1. What was the best decision Nick's parents made for him?

2. How did Nick overcome his problems?

3. What gave Nick independence? Choose the correct answer from the following.

a) A degree in Financial Planning and Real Estate.

b) A wheel chair

c) Holding a pen

d) A team of carers

4. Why did Nick want to kill himself? Choose the correct answer from the following.

a) Because he has an electric chair.

b) Because he hated god.

c) Because he couldn't brush his teeth normally.

d) Because he was deeply depressed.

5. What is the message in this passage? Choose the correct answer from the following.

a) We should not lose our confidence even though we face certain challenges.

b) We should run away from our problems.

c) We should pray god when we are in troubles.

d) We should kill ourselves when we can't face problems.

III. Given below in the table is the biographical information about a girl called Sri Lakshmi.

Based on this information write a biographical sketch. 5 Marks

Points to be covered Details of the person

Date and place of birth July 7, 1992, Visakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Information about the


• Only daughter

• Father: Venkaiah, Farmer, Village Sarpanch.

• Mother: Ramani, Homemaker and Social Worker.

Health Condition • Both legs paralysed due to Polio attack.

• Can't walk on her own.

• Father assisted her in all her class work, lab work.

Education • Completed B.Tech. with first class.

Present Position • Working as a Senior Software Engineer in a Multinational



IV. Read the following passage and fill in the blanks choosing the suitable words from those given below in the box.

compassionate, malicious, timid, introvert, meticulous

Hai, friends! I’m John. Jane is my sister. She doesn't like to spend time with others.

She is interested in her thoughts and feelings. She is an_____________ (1). Rajan is my

father. He makes thorough planning for everything in our home. He is_____________ (2).

My mother Leela is very sensitive lady. She always shows sympathy for people who are

suffering. She is _____________ (3) My uncle Hemachandra is always afraid of speaking to

neighbours. He is____________ (4). My aunt Suryakantham is an unpleasant woman. She

always tries to offend people. She is_____________ (5)

V. Read the following paragraph and put a comma or a hyphen wherever necessary. Rewrite the paragraph with commas/ hyphens.5x1=5

VI. Radhakrishna who was our Headmaster retired from service last year. The teacher who teaches us English is Radhakrishna's son. Kavya who won the Best Teacher

Award this year is her daughter. The boys who got the first place and second place

in essay writing competitions held today are Radhakrishna's granddaughters. The

projector which is there in our Science Lab was donated by Radhakrishna. Really

Radhakrishna is a great teacher.



Key and Principles of Valuation

I. 1) A girl was looking at Nick romantically when he was at traffic lights. She could only

see Nick’s head so he decided to do a 3600 spin in the car seat to show her that he was a torso. When she saw the torso, she left the place quickly. This is the funny incident in the text. 1 M

2) Nick Vujicic was a self motivated and a brave man. Nick’s life story says that disability cannot prevent one from reaching great heights if one has great inner personality which includes dedication, determination, will power, perseverance and hard work. 1 M

3) Though Bethany Hamilton had no arm she was able to surf well. She could know the psychological condition of a disabled person like Nick. Nick thought that she was the best master to help him learn surfing. This thought made Nick choose Bethany Hamilton his master. 1 M

4) Socrates suggested that the burning desire is the only secret to success. One should agree with this idea. Unless we have a strong passion for something, we can’t achieve it. According to Socrates, the burning desire would be the starting point of all accomplishments. It gives the perfect and adequate motivation to achieve something.

1 M 5) When Thomas Edison was 67, he lost his factory to fire. 1 M 6) According to Narayana Murthy, a person himself can change his life with his intellect

or brain power with hard working nature, when a person is motivated or influenced by the values, a good change occurs in a human being. This means one’s life is based on one’s own mind power and attitude. 1 M

7) Murthy reacted like an introvert. He was disappointed. It seemed his dreams had burnt to ashes. His heart sank in sorrow. He didn’t share his feelings with anybody. His heart was bleeding but he didn’t get angry with anybody. 1 M

II. 1) Nick’s parents decided to send him the main stream school. It was the best decision.

1 M 2) Nick overcome his problems by determination, courage and perseverance. 3) A. 1 M 4) D. 1 M 5) A. 1 M


III. Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi was born on July 7, 1992 at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. She was

the only daughter of Venkaiah and Ramani. Her father is a farmer and a village Sarpanch and

her mother is a home maker and social worker. Her legs are paralysed due to polio attack and

she can’t walk on her own. Her father assisted her in all her class work and lab work.

Though, she is physically challenged she completed her B.Tech with first class. She

overcome her problems with courage, self confidence and with hard working. Now, she is

working as a Sr. Software Engineer in a Multinational Company.


1) Introvert

2) Meticulous

3) Compassionate

4) Timid

5) Malicious

V. Radhakrishna, who was our Headmaster, retired from services last year. The

teacher, who teaches us English, is Radhakrishna’s son. Kavya, who won the best

teacher award this year, is her daughter. The boys, who got the first place and

second place in essay writing, competitions held today, are Radhakrishna’s

granddaughters. The projector, which is there in our Science lab, was donated by

Radhakrishna. Really Radhakrishna is a great teacher. 5 M



20 Marks

1. Q.No.1 to 10: Questions will be given from Reading A and Reading B. Only five

questions to be answered. 5x2=10 M

2. Q.No.11: Question-11 will be set as comprehension from poem. 5x1=5M

3. Q.No.12: Reading and comprehension (from Reading A) 3x1=3 M 4. Q.No.13: Reading and comprehension (from Reading B) other than poem. 2x1=2 M


30 Marks

1. Q.No.14: Unknown passage will be given in close type test with multiple answers in

parts of speech. 5x½=2½M

2. Q.No.15: Matching test on structures/ grammar. 5x½=2½M

3. Q.No.16 to 20: The questions mentioned to test the grammar awareness among the

students. These grammar points should be taken from the structure items mentioned in

the reader. 5x1= 5 M

4. Q.No.21: Question on prepositions with multiple answers. 4x½=2 M

5. Q.No.22: Synonyms to test the vocabulary. 4x½=2 M

6. Q.No.23: Antonyms to test vocabulary. 4x½ =2 M

7. Q.No.24: Morphology (other form of words) vocabulary part. 4x½=2 M

8. Q.No.25: Classification of words vocabulary part. 8x¼=2 M

9. Q.No.26: Spelling test under conventions of writing. 2x½=1 M

10. Q.No.27: Spelling test under conventions of writing. 2x½=1 M

11. Q.No.28: Wrongly spelt words under conventions of writing. 2x½=1 M

12. Q.No.29: Pronunciation under conventions of writing. 2x½=1 M

13. Q.No.30: Alphabetical order under (dictionary skill) 4x½=2 M

14. Q.No.31: Functional English under creative expression. 1 M

15. Q.No.32: Functional English under creative expression. 2x½=1 M

16. Q.No.33: Functional English under creative expression. 1 M

17. Q.No.34: Functional English under creative expression. 1 M


I. Weightage to academic standards: Paper-I

S.No. Academic Standards % of weightage Marks 1 Reading comprehension 40 20 2 Conventions of writing 12 6 3 Vocabulary 16 8 4 Grammatical awareness 24 12 5 Creative expression 8 4

II. Weightage to the content: Paper-I

Units % of weightage Marks I II Prose 26 13 III IV Poetry 14 7 V VI Elements of language 60 30 VII

VIII 100 50

III. Weightage to the level of difficulty: Paper-I

Levels Marks % of weightage Easy 16 32 Average 21 42 Difficult 13 26 50 100

IV. Weightage to the form of questions

Part Form/ type of questions

No. of questions

Marks Total marks

Grade total


A Short answer 5 2 10

20 40% Very short answer

10 1 10


Very short answer

8 1 8 30 60%

Grammatical awareness

40 8

½ ¼

20 2

Total 75 50 100%


Subject: EnglishBLUE PRINT Paper-I


Academic Standards

Reading comprehension Convention of writing Vocabulary Grammar Creative expression


Unit 1 (5) 2

Unit 2 (3) 1

Unit 3

Unit 4 (7) 1

Unit 5

Unit 6 (12) ½ 12x½=6 14x½=7 2x½=1

Unit 7 8x ¼=2 5x1=5 3x1=3

Unit 8 -

Totals 20 6 8 12 4

VSA: Very Short Answers

SA: Short Answers

E: Essay Answers


This Question Paper contains 2 Printed Pages.

ENGLISH, Paper – I

(Third language)

Parts A and B

Time: 2 ½ Hours] [Maximum Marks: 50


1. Answer all the questions under Part-A on a separate answer book.

2. Write the answers to the questions under Part-B on the question paper itself.

3. Start answering the questions as you read them.

Part - A

Time: 1 ½ Hours Marks: 20

Note: Use a separate answer book to answer the questions in this part.

(1-10) Answer ANY FIVE of the following question in two or three sentences each.


1. What do you learn form the life of Nick Vijuicic? (Attitude is Aptitude) 2. What qualities of Mrs. Slater have you noticed? (The dear departed Part I)

3. Why did the author get into debt? Think of some possible reasons? (The Journey) 4. How did ‘Chitrabani’ help film making in Bengali? (Rendzvous with Ray) 5. What was Bayajis dream? (The storeyed house. I) 6. What is the specific message of Wangari Maathai? (Environment)

7. What were the disadvantages faced by Kalam in his childhood? (My Childhood) 8. Why did the Whiteman feel surprised at the narrator’s out burst? Eventually, he also

smiled, why? (Human Rights)

9. In what way is the play ‘The dear departed’ a commentary on the hollowness of

human relationships? (The departed II)

10. What is the central idea of the poem? (A Plea for India)


11. Read the following stanza. But believe me son

I want to be what I used to be When I was like you. I want

to unlearn all these muting things. Most of all, I want to relearn

How to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror. Shows only my teeth like Snake’s bare fangs!

(Once upon a time)

Now answer the following questions 5x1=5

a) “I want to be what I used to be”…..

What does the poet mean by these words?

b) What does the poet want to unlearn? c) What is the tone of the poem? d) What did the poet learnt? e) “Only my teeth like Snake’s bare fangs!”

What is the figure of speech used in this line?

12. Read the following lines.

I was born into a middle class Tamil family in the Island town of Rameshwaram in the erstwhile Madras State. My father, Jainulabdeen, had neither much formal education nor much wealth, despite these disadvantages, he possessed of great innate wisdom and a true generosity of spirit.

(My Childhood)

Answer the following. 3x1=3

a) Who was born in a middle class family? b) Where did he born? c) Who was Jainulabdeen? 13. Read the following lines.

A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire can’t give much heat, a weak desire can’t produce great results.

(Every success story …. great failures)

Now answer the following questions. 2x1=2

a) What is the weak desire compared to? b) How do we get great results?


This Question Paper contains 4 Printed Pages.

ENGLISH, Paper – I

(Third language)

Parts A and B

Time: 2 ½ Hours] [Maximum Marks: 50

Part - B

Time: 1 Hour Marks: 30

Note: (i)Answer all the questions in this part on the question paper itself.

(ii) Candidates must use CAPITAL LETTERS while answering the multiple choice questions.

14. Complete the passage, choosing the right words from those given below. Each blank is numbered and for each blank, four choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) are given. Choose

the correct answer from these choices and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in the blanks.

5x½=2 ½

Shakunthala Devi was born ____________ (1) 4th November, 1929. She

____________ (2) born in ____________ (3) orthodox Brahmin family. In her childhood she

had never ____________ (4) to school. She was popularly known ____________ (5) human


1) (A) in (B) on (C) at (D) to

2) (A) was (B) is (C) were (D) are

3) (A) a (B) the (C) an (D) that

4) (A) been (B) be (C) being (D) by

5) (A) has (B) as (C) us (D) for


15. Match the part of sentences under ‘A’ with those under ‘B’ write the letter of the sentence part in ‘B’ against the sentences part in ‘A’. 5x½=2½


(i) I have a team of friend ( ) (A) for many people

(ii) My house is not big enough ( ) (B) who always help me

(iii) He stopped his business ( ) (C) we will get success

(iv) If we try and try again ( ) (D) after he had become old

(v) As he is rich ( ) (E) he purchased a new car

16. (a) The book shop is closed on Sunday. (b) The medical shop closed down on Monday. Q. Which shop will be open on Monday? Ans: ______________.


Report the following into Indirect Speech. 1

Nick said to his mother, “I will kill myself”.

Ans: ______________________________________________________________

17. Edison failed many times in life. 1 He invented 1000 inventions. (combine the sentences with ‘who’) Ans: ______________________________________________________________

18. Re-write the following sentence in passive form. 1

Ray produced many fictions of international fame.

Ans: ______________________________________________________________

19. Combine the following sentences with ‘when’. 1 We hear God’s words, our heart springs with joy. Ans: ______________________________________________________________ 20. Fill in the blanks with right contractions. 1

I _________ (have) returned the money, ___________ (have not I) 21. Fill in the blanks, choosing the right words from those given in the brackets. 4x½=2

(a) Sriram was always arguing _________ his brother. (with, at, on) (b) The buses are often late, so you can’t depend _________ them. (at, on, by) (c) I was terrified _________ her (of, by, at) (d) All last winter Sharath suffered _________ coughs and colds. (with, of, from)

22. Replace the underlined words in the following sentences with the words from the box that have the same meaning. 4x½=2

vegetation, negotiation, sustain, exotic, restore, transplanted, equitably


(a) The government is trying to bring back normally in the riot-hit areas of the city. Ans: __________________________________________________________

(b) I cannot hold my attention on any subject for a long time. Ans: __________________________________________________________

(c) After certain amount of growth the seedlings have to be taken out and shifted elsewhere for further growth. Ans: __________________________________________________________

(d) The Tirumal hills are covered by lust green plans. Ans: __________________________________________________________

23. Fill in the blanks with the words opposite in meaning to those underlined. 4x½=2 (a) Ravi is ignorant about technology but Hari is ___________ about technology. (b) Proud people are never ___________. (c) Sravani goes to school regularly but her sister is ___________. (d) Prosperity is the fruit of ___________.

24. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the underlined words. 4x½=2 (a) Wangari Maathai is an environment activist. Her ___________ led her to win

Nobel Peace Prize. (b) In a developed country, ___________ is balanced. (c) The government of the day should show its capability by providing good

___________ to people. (d) We were trying to respond to the basic needs of the people in the rural areas. Our

___________ was well received by them. 25. Put the following words under the correct headings. 8x¼=2

improper recycle necessarily employment unbelief discovery examination intention Prefixes Suffixes 1) ______________ 1) ______________ 2) ______________ 2) ______________ 3) ______________ 3) ______________ 4) ______________ 4) ______________

26. Complete the following words by using ea, ie, ai, ia, ae. 2x½=1 (a) Consc_ _nce (b) Pr_ _cher

27. Complete the following words with the letters given in the brackets. 2x½=1 (a) Pre_ _(ent/ ant) (b) lugg_ _ge (ege/ age)

28. One word in each set is wrongly spelt. Rewrite it correctly in the space provided. 2x½=1 (a) shoes literatre language original (b) projects promotion programe protection


29. Look at the two sets of words given below. In each set, the letters underlined in the two words are pronounced in the same way. Find the words and copy them out.

2x½=1 (a) poor sure tour share (b) catch calm cease chop

30. Arrange the following words in alphabetical order. 4x½=2 Simple summarize significant surprise Ans: __________________________________________________________

31. A teacher has assigned a task in English to your friend which he thinks, it is very difficult. Advise him to try it. 1 Ans: __________________________________________________________

32. What do the following sentences mean? 2x½=1 Put a (√) mark against the right answer. (i) Meteorological Department says: Monsoons may be regular.

(a) prediction ( ) (b) advice ( )

(c) suggestion ( ) (d) question ( )

(ii) You read additional books to become an autonomous user of English.

(a) offer ( ) (b) suggestion ( )

(c) order ( ) (d) warning ( )

33. Change the following into a polite request. 1 You to a friend: “Tell me the details of home work” Ans: __________________________________________________________

34. Your friend is hospitalized due to road accident. What would you say to him? 1 (a) best of luck (b) wish you a speedy recovery (c) I am sorry (d) Very happy


Key Sheet and Principles of Valuation

Paper – I

Part-A Key

1. Nick Vujicic was a self motivated and a brave man. He read the newspaper and inspired. He hated the god when he was eight years old. After reading the newspaper, he thanked god for giving an opportunity to give hope to others. The physical disability may not be obstacle to get success. 2

2. Mrs. Slater is greedy, over powering, dominating, blunt, straight, talking impolite and insensitive. All these characters are visible in the play. 2

3. The author married five months ago. Being an employee he was applied unpaid leave to his higher authority. His marriage increased his responsibility. 2

4. The institute produced important documentary features and became the breeding ground for local talent for film making people.

5. Bayaji’s dream was to build a house out of his earnings and it has to be a storeyed house.

6. Wangari Maathai’s messages is, if you need fire wood, building material, food and fodder for animals, ‘plan trees’ all your worries will be solved.

7. Kalam was born in a middle class Tamil family. His parents were poor and had not formal education, but he possessed great innate wisdom and true generosity of spirit.

8. The Whiteman felt surprise at the narrators out trust because his thoughts were right as per the situation. So, he also smiled. 2

9. In modern days the old people are not cared by their children. But they are eager to share the assets and quarrel over the petty things. People have no human relations.

10. It is a strong appeal to the Indians to make better nation, avoid violence and think piously. 2

11. (a) The poet wants to be what he was (b) The poet wants to unlearn muting things (c) The tone of the poem is sad happening in the world (d) He learnt to laugh (e) Simile

12. (a) APJ Abdul Kalam (b) Rameshwaram in Madras (c) Father of Kalam


13. (a) Weak desire compared to small fire (b) By strong desires

Part-B Key

14. (1) B (2) A (3) C (4) A (5) B 5x½ =2½ 15. (i) B (ii) A (iii) D (iv) C (v) e 5x½ =2½16. A book shop


Nick told her mother that he would kill himself. 1

17. Edison, who failed many times in life invented 1000 inventions. 118. Many films of international fame were produced by Ray. 119. When we hear gods our heart sprints with joy 120. I’ve; haven’t 21. (a) with (b) on (c) at (d) from 4x½ =222. (a) restore (b) sustain (c) transplanted (d) vegetation 4x½ =223. (a) knowledge (b) humble (c) irregular (d) adversity 4x½ =224. (a) activities (b) development

(c) governance (d) responsibility 4x½ =225. 8x¼=2

Prefixes Suffixes 1) improper 1) necessarily 2) recycle 2) employment 3) unbelief 3) examination 4) discovery 4) intention

26. (a) ie (b) ea 2x½ =227. (a) ent (b) age 2x½=228. (a) literature (b) programme 2x½=229. (a) poor-tour (b) catch-calm 2x½ =230. significant, simple, summarize, surprise 231. Dear friend you should try it again. 132. (i) a (ii) b 2x½ =233. Could you please tell me the details of home work 134. B


This Question Paper contains 2 Printed Pages.

ENGLISH, Paper – II (Third language)

Parts A and B

Time: 2 ½ Hours] [Maximum Marks: 50


1. Answer the questions under Part-A on a separate answer book. 2. Write the answers to the questions under Part-B on the question paper itself in the

space provided and attach it to the answer book of Part-A. 3. Start answering the questions as you read them.

Part - A

Time: 1 ½ Hours Marks: 30

(1-10) Answer ANY FIVE of the following questions. Each answer should be in one or two sentences. 5x1=5

1. What ‘in Narayana Murthy’s opinion’ can change one’s life? (I’ll do it) 2. What things would you buy if you were Jack? Why? (The Never-Never Nest) 3. The King made the Potter the General of the Army? Why? (The brave Potter) 4. What made the Potter a hero? (The brave Potter) 5. Narayana Murthy is uncompromising. How? 6. Why are Savitri’s films called ‘an album of life’? (A Tribute) 7. How was the abandoned baby? (Abandoned) 8. What are the evil effects of pyramid of drums? (A tale of three villages) 9. What made superficial observers bewildered about India? (Unity in diversity in India) 10. What made Mrs. Murthy forget her name? (What is my name) 11. Read the following passage. 5x1=5

Savitri captured the audiences with her charm and magnificent acting. She was able to convey a wide range of feelings through her expressive eyes. Her mischievous look- it captivates anyone; the look of fake anger provokes, the looks filled with real anger pierces the heart. The look of passion while waiting for her lover; the confident work that seems ready to face any situation, all these myriad emotions are hidden in her eyes. The dimensions are endless and pages can be filled to describe the magic spell of her eyes.

Savitri’s amazing talent was in full form in ‘Missamma’, a hit comedy that established Savitri’s place firmly as a star, Mary in the film comes into an agreement with a Hindu youth,


M.T.Rao (NTR) to pretend as a couple in order to get a job in a school. Mary was a Christian to the core, whereas Rao was tolerant Hindu. What results in is a three hour pure comedy for the audience. (A Tribute)

Now answer the following questions in a sentence.

1. What made Savitri a wonderful actor? 2. List any two emotions that Savitri can express with ease? 3. Why did M.T.Rao and Mary pretend as couple in the film? 4. What is the milestone in Savitri’s career as a star? 5. ‘It captivates anyone’- What does the word ‘it’ refer to?

12. Read the passage given below.

It was winter. The ponds were all frozen. At the court, Akbar asked Birbal, “Tell me Birbal! ‘Will a man do anything for money?” Birbal replied, ‘yes’. The emperor ordered him to prove it.

The next day Birbal came to the court along with a poor Brahmin who merely had a penny left with him. His family was starving. Birbal told the King that the Brahmin was ready to do anything for the sake of money. The King ordered the Brahmin to be inside the frozen pond throughout the night without any attire if he needed money.

The poor Brahmin had no choice. The whole night he was inside pond, shivering. He returned to the durbar the next day to receive his reward. The King asked, “Tell me oh poor Brahmin! How could you withstand the extreme temperature all through the night?” The innocent Brahmin replied, “I could see a faintly glowing light a kilometre away and I withstood with that ray of light”.

Akbar refused to pay the Brahmin his reward saying that he had got warmth from the light and withstood the cold and that was cheating. The poor Brahmin could not argue with him and so returned disappointed and bare-handed. Birbal tried to explain to the King, but the King was in no mood to listen to him.

The Brahmin reached home shivering with cold. At home his wife was waiting for him. When he entered the house his wife came near him.

“What happened to you, dear?”

(a) What would be the conversation between the Brahmin and his wife? Write your answer in at least 120 words. 10


(b) Narrate the thoughts of the Brahmin when the King cheated him. Write your answer in at least 120 words.

13. Your school has celebrated Annual Day today. The District Collector is the chief guest. Winners in different competitions received prizes from the village Sarpanch. You have also received a prize. The Head Master gave a report on the progress of the school. Cultural programmes followed. (a) Write a news report on the Annual Day celebrations in about 120 words. 10


(b) Write a letter to your friend describing the Annual Day celebrations.


This Question Paper contains 4 Printed Pages.


(Third language)

Parts A and B

Time: 2 ½ Hours] [Maximum Marks: 20

Part - B

Time: 1 Hour Marks: 20

Note: Write the answers to the questions in this part on the question paper itself.


(i) Use CAPITAL LETTERS while answering the multiple choice questions.

(ii) Marks will not be awarded if there is any over-writing or re-writing.

14. Here is a table which shows the Lok Sabha seats of the Southern States with their first

time electors and all electors. Study the table and answer the questions given under it.

States Lok Sabha

First time voters All Voters

Male Female Total Male Female Total

Tamil Nadu 39 6,92,597 5,06,588 11,99,309 2,68,93,009 2,68,56,677 5,37,52,682

Karnataka 28 4,79,418 3,22,779 8,04,786 2,28,00,918 2,18,85,287 4,46,94,658

Kerala 20 2,29,389 1,88,101 4,17,490 1,14,42,927 1,23,49,343 2,37,92,270

Andhra Pradesh

& Telangana 42 9,25,709 6,17,998 15,44,203 3,13,59,303 3,10,22,225 6,23,85,989

1. Which State has the lowest number of female voters? Ans:

2. The total number of first time voters in Tamil Nadu is…………………. Ans:

3. Karnataka is in …………………. Place in enrolling first time male voters.


4. Kerala has …………………. Lok Sabha seats. Ans:


5. What is the total number of Lok Sabha seats in Southern States?


15. Read the following story.

The Mountain Goat

There was once a young mountain goat who lived in a valley at the foot of the Himalayas. The valley was full of beautiful flowers and covered with green grass. Living in such a fine place, the young goat never felt hungry and grew up to be a strong animal, sure of foot and able to run fast. He climbed any hill easily and skipped lightly from one rack to another. He was a handsome animal, with his coat of long brown hair and a head with a pair of large strong horns. With them he could face his life-long enemy, the tiger.

One day our young friend the goat was grazing on a patch of green grass and suddenly he heard a sound. Quickly turning round, he found that the old tiger was following him. It was too late for him to run, so he stood his ground and faced the tiger, ready to meet any attack. The tiger, turning to the goat said, “I see you are ready to fight, but why should we both get hurt fighting? If you can tell me any three truths, I shall let you go away.

“All right”, said the goat, “I shall tell you three simple truths about yourself and me. The first truth is this: If you go and tell the other tigers that you met me here and still you didn’t kill me, they will not believe you.”

“Too true”, said the tiger. “Go on, tell me the other two.”

“Well”, said the goat, suppose I get away and tell the other goats that you didn’t want to fight, they will not believe me.”

“Too true”, said the tiger, “Go on, tell me the next truth.”

“The next truth is this”, said the goat, “We are both talking here and you are listening to all I say without trying to kill me. So you cannot be really be hungry.”

“Yes, yes”, said the tiger, “Go in peace, you clever fellow, remember but the next time we meet, there will be no more talking. You will not live to open your mouth again.”

“Ah!” said the goat, “There is yet one more truth, the last. It is this: You will never catch me another time.”

So saying, the goat ran away and took good care that the tiger never caught him again.

(A) Now choose the correct answer from the answers given and write its letter in the brackets.4x1=4

1. The story took place in a ………………… ( )

a) desert b) valley

b) river d) plateau


2. What words in the passage tell us that the tiger believed that the goats’ words are

truths? ………………… ( )

a) go on

b) believe me

c) open your mouth again

d) too true

3. How many truths did the goat tell the tiger? ………………… ( )

a) one

b) two

c) three

d) four

4. The last truth that was told by the goat to tiger is ………………… ( )

a) you can never catch me another time

b) you will kill me next time

c) you can’t kill me now

d) I can run faster than you

(B) Given below are SIX statements. Three of them are TRUE according to the passage. Find them and write “T” against them in brackets. 3x1=3

1. The young goat was very brave. [ ]

2. The tiger and the goat met in a mountain peak. [ ]

3. The tiger is not hungry. [ ]

4. The goat prepared itself to face the tier. [ ]

5. At the end of story the tiger ran away. [ ]

6. The goat told the last truth though the tiger had not asked to tell it. [ ]

16. Read the following passage.

Birds evolved from small meet-eating dinosaurs around 150 million years ago. Birds are a group of warm blooded animals with two legs and front limbs modified as wings. The characteristic feature of all birds is the feather. There are over 9,200 species of birds known from around the world and they can be found in just about every habitat.

The average adult male ostrich, the world’s largest living bird weighs up to 345 pounds. The largest bird egg in the world today is that of the ostrich. The smallest bird is the Bee Humming bird at 2.24in (5.7cm). The Humming birds are found in North and South America. In the north, these can be found as far as Alaska and in the south, they can be spotted as far as southern Chile. An amazing fact about humming bird is that it can fly up, down, forward, backward and even upside down. The humming birds are the only bird that


can fly backwards. When active, a humming bird breathes around 300-500 times every minute. The heart of a humming bird makes up for around 20% of the body volume. The heart beat ranges from 30-1500 per minute depending on the specie and the activity. Hummings help in pollination as they carry pollen on their barks just like bees when they go from one flower to another in search of nectar. One humming bird visits around 1000-2000 flowers in a single day!

Now answer the following questions. 2x1=2


(i) What is the main characteristic feature of birds? Ans:

(ii) What species are the birds evolved from? Ans:

B. There are five words in List-A. The meanings of four of them are given in List-B. Chose the right word from List-A to match the meanings in List-B and write it in the space provided against each meaning. 4x½=2

List-A: evolved, species, habitat, pollination nectar


(i) A set of animals/ creatures ……………… (ii) To develop gradually ……………… (iii) A sweet liquid produced by flowers ……………… (iv) A surrounding where creatures live ………………

C. Complete the following sentences using a word or a phrase each. 2x½=1

(i) The average adult male ostrich ……………… …………………………………………………………………………..

(ii) The heart of the humming bird ……………… …………………………………………………………………………..

D. Mention two things about humming birds. What are they? 2x1=2

(i) …………………………………………………………………………..

(ii) …………………………………………………………………………..

E. Answer in a word or a phrase each. 2x½=1

(i) How do humming birds help in pollination? …………………………………………………………………………..

(ii) What is the amazing fact of the humming bird? …………………………………………………………………………..


English Paper-II

PART-A and B

The evaluator must keep in mind that any relevant answer may be given credit.


1. One’s life can be changed only by himself or herself.

2. Any thing mentioned by the student may be taken into consideration (Eg. TV, car)

3. Believing in the minister’s advice the King mistook the potter as a brave man.

4. Only ‘Luck’ made the potter a hero.

5. He believed his intellect and hard work strove for perfection.

6. Savithri’s roles in her films reflected the lives of ordinary women.

7. Baby was crying, her body was fed by mosquitoes and insects. Her lips, nose,

fingertips were blue.

8. Pyramid of drums contain poisons chemicals that contaminate air, water and soil.

Sometimes cause diseases and death.

9. The superficial observers are bewildered by the unity of Indians, their political

consciousness, cultural heritage even in diversity.

10. She delicates her time in house-hold work and was not called by her name by


11. Passage questions.

1. Expressive eyes and mischievous look, look of passion, look of anger etc.

2. Her confident look that seems to face any situation, look of passion while waiting

for her lover made her a wonderful actor.

3. M.T. Rao and Mary pretended as a couple in order to get a job in a school.

4. Mary’s character in the movie ‘Missamma’ is the mile-stone in Savithri’s career

as a star.

5. ‘It’ refers the mischievous look of Savithri.

12. (a) Conversation

1. Writing five to ten exchanges.

2. Sequence of exchanges

3. Politeness

4. Using discourse markers (well, precisely etc.)

5. Using short responses


6. Aptness of dialogues

7. Appropriate cohesive devices

8. Well formed sentences

9. Conventions of writing - spelling

10. Proper punctuations

All indicators carry one mark each.

(b) Narrative

1. Contain sequence of events

2. Evoking sensory perceptions and images

3. Evoking emotions

4. Writing other details (setting etc.)

5. Characterization

6. Coherence

7. Reflecting point of view

8. Well formed sentences

9. Conventions - spelling

10. Proper punctuations

All indicators carry one mark each.

13. (a) News report

1. Appropriate headline

2. Lead sentence

3. Organization of body

4. Cohesive devices

5. Reporting style

6. Reveal the point of view

7. Well formed sentences

8. Conventions - spelling

9. Use of punctuation marks

10. Paragraphing

Each indicator carries one mark.

(b) Letter

1. Using appropriate language

2. Appropriate format

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