Prepare for your exams
Prepare for your exams

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Earn points to download

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Guidelines and tips
Guidelines and tips

Listen to the Pros: they know how to sell on Docsity!

Here are the 3 golden rules of the best document sellers out there


#1 Optimize your documents

Finding balance

The first secret? Put yourself in the shoes of others: if the document is too short it may not be worth the price, if it is too long it may seem not very straight to the point. In short, look for a good trade-off.

Details make all the difference

Clear headings, well-organized paragraphs and, most importantly, a comprehensive table of contents and, boom! You'll have a document that everyone wants to study. Another pro-tip: convert it to pdf before uploading for a clean look

No free answers

The preview is always blurry but make sure that the position and color of the highlighted solutions do not immediately reveal the correct answer. Other community members are at least as smart as you are and will do anything to save a few points!

Community's most popular

Quizzes, mock tests, and exams: are highly sought after if they are solved, updated, and with accurate solutions. If you have to invest the time on something, they are always worth the time.

Keep an eye on the reviews

It only takes a few negative reviews for game over. Try to be accurate and verify that the information in your docs is always correct. Especially, if they are exams!

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Doubts? Here's some advice from the top sellers

#1 Optimize your documents#2 Get found#3 Set the right price

Get your sales off the ground

Now you are ready, all that's left is to give it a try!

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Looking for more tips?

If you're looking for more pro tips, check out the complete guide. In it, you'll find all the tricks from the best Docsity document sellers!

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