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Turbomachinery, Lecture Notes- Physics

Definition, Example of turbomachinery, aero Engines and aero derivatives ,radial turbomachinery stagnation and static quantities, air standard joule cycle, Irresversible turbomachinery, rankine steam, cycle mean line analysis, Axial compressor sta...


Syllabus: Lasers- Spontaneous emission, Stimulated emission, Population inversion, Solid state (Ruby) laser, Gas (He-Ne) laser, Semiconductor laser(Ga-As), applications of laser. Holography- Principle, Recording, Reproduction and applications. Opt...

Review - Soil Physics - Lecture Notes

This lecture notes contain review of Soil Physics course. Topics like Fundamental Concepts, Newton's Laws, Units, Models, Mass, Volume, density, Porosity Stuff, Particle Size, capillarity, Potential, Flow, Diffusion, Functions are mentioned here.

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