Acquiring post-mortem human brains - Psychology - Prof. Allan Jones - Lecture 1 of 1 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, Biological Psychology

Description: For the first time ever we have a resource for the adult human brain where you can look at the activity of any gene in the genome," Dr. Jones says. In this talk Dr. Jones offers a brief overview of Allen Institute for Brain Science, its history and mission, the progress the Institute has made in its first several years, and the Institute's forthcoming work. He describes the process of creating the Allen Human Brain Atlas, from acquiring post-mortem human brains to measuring gene expression signals to engineering software for online presentation of those data. All data and information about the process are available online for each step to allow individuals to review, check, and understand how and where every data point was derived. What can you learn from this kind of information? Dr. Jones provides examples, pointing to analyses that shed light on differences among cortical areas, similarities and differences among individuals, and locations of genes related to diseases and drug targets Show more
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