Bleomycin - Biology - Prof. Nelson Caetano - Lecture 13 of 20 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, Biology

Description: Bleomycin is a popular DNA-reactive anticancer agent. This animation consists of three parts, 1) the first is a simple backdrop that shows DNA and the drug in the nucleus environment focusing on the areas of interest, allowing the instructor time to go over some basics such as structure characteristics of DNA and Bleomycin. 2) the second consists of Bleomycin intercalating into DNA, the bisthiazole tail inserts into the helix area and then is positioned to produce free hydroxyl radicals. 3) the final segment shows how the drug in the presence of ferric ion and oxygen undergoes a dynamic action to form extremely reactive hydroxyl radical in situ and degrade the sugar structure of DNA. This action results in loss of genetic information necessary for DNA replication in cancer cells (and some normal cells!) Show more
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