Children are obsessed - Psychology - Prof. Dr. Meltzoff - Lecture 1 of 1 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, Biological Psychology

Description: In this video Dr. Meltzoff explores babies' gesture- and action-based learning through intelligent robots, annoying noises, cultural stereotypes and more. Children are born learning. Nineteen hour old babies in a hospital setting will imitate an adult sticking out his tongue or opening his mouth before the infant has ever seen a reflection of its own face. Children are wired for learning from the culture in which they are brought up. Part of this is their intense interest in socially imitating the people around them. "Children are obsessed with what are 'like-me' entities in the world," Dr. Meltzer argues. They pay extraordinary attention to the gestures and actions of other people and use imitation to learn about the actions and rituals in their culture as well as the ways that people in their culture use tools and machines. Not only this, but children are acutely aware of intention: integrating information not only about what a person did but what they meant to do. Children have an innate capacity to integrate complex information about adult behavior, intention, and approval Show more
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