Introduction:Reconstruction Era - American History - Professor Holloway - Lecture 4 of 25 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, American History

Description: After massive cultural shift that South endured under Reconstruction, white Southerners were determined to fight back. In this lecture, Professor Holloway discusses complicated meaning of Redemption as white Southerners rose up, reclaimed, and redeemed that which they thought was theirs. During this era, African Americans experienced extreme forms of violence as whites guarantee dreturn of power, including resurgence of KKK, as well as gerrymandering and poll taxes to ensure elimination of blacks as a voting class. In second half of lecture, Professor Holloway focuses on ideas of civilization and manliness, lynchings, and anti-lynching campaigns. Fears of rape and ideas of white womanhood frequently served as justification for systematic psychological and economic terrorism of African Americans during"Rise of Redemption" Show more
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