Mirror neurons - Psychology - Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti - Lecture 1 of 1 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, Abnormal Psychology

Description: Mirror neurons respond to a specific action, such as bringing the hand to the mouth or grasping an object. They are either excited or inhibited by particular actions, and their functions differ depending on where in the brain the mirror neuron is located. When you observe an action, your brain performs a mechanism through which that action becomes a part of your action. You as a person aren't involved in this mechanism; it happens automatically. Dr. Rizzolatti, discoverer of these neurons, explains why it has been such an important finding that mirror neurons exist, and that they transform sensory information into activation of a great number of neurons throughout the brain and even into the spinal cord. Mirror neurons offer a mechanism to explain a very important concept: understanding the intention of others. We can infer the intention of others by observing their actions, and these same neurons may even give us an idea about future actions Show more
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