Nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions and additions - Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals - Professor Hardinger - Lecture 2 of 27 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, Organic Chemistry

Description: Professor Hardinger has been a faculty member in the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry since 1997. His professional career began at Drexel University in Philadelphia, which afforded a BS in Chemistry in 1982. He then moved to Purdue University, and earned a PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1988. Two subsequent years as a postdoctoral scholar at Renssalear Polytechnic Institute were followed by appointment in 1990 as assistant professor at California State University. In 1997 he achieved the "forbidden transition" and moved to UCLA as Lecturer followed by promotion to Senior Lecturer in 2004. At UCLA his main teaching interests have been introductory organic chemistry courses in the physical science majors series as well as the life science majors series. His professional interests include development of new teaching tools and methods, both in print and electronic media. An introductory organic chemistry textbook (Organic Chemistry - A Thinking Student's Approach) is currently in development Show more
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