Reconstruction - American History - Professor Holloway - Lecture 3 of 25 - Video-lecture

Video-lecture, American History

Description: Between 1865 and 1877, several plans were developed by whichConfederate states could be readmitted toUnion andresidents ofstates given full citizenship rights. It was far from clear, however, which plan would do a better job maintainingsocial peace and protecting African Americans' ability to earn a wage, raise a family, own land, and exerciseright to vote. In this lecture, Professor Holloway outlinescontours ofTen Percent Plan, Presidential Reconstruction, and Radical Reconstruction, and he explains how these plans embraced a variety of approaches to reunitingdisparate states. As Professor Holloway explains, Reconstruction greatly enhancedrights of African Americans, while also circumscribing their lives by new political, economic, and social initiatives Show more
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