Reperiodizing the movement - American History - Professor Holloway - Lecture 15 of 25 - Video-lecture

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Description: In this lecture, Professor Holloway offers a richer portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. than his "I Have a Dream Speech" speech provides. Though King's message and delivery are precious moments in this nation's history, and excerpts are familiar to virtually all American school children, King's opinion of society and its remedy have been frozen in time and reduced to a few moments of his famous speech. Professor Holloway frees King from his magnificent yet soothing speech in order to appreciate the real world political and social battles that defined his life and the lives of those who fought beside him in the struggle for freedom and equality. By shedding light on moments that have been dropped out of the "master narrative" of the civil rights movement, Professor Holloway demonstrates that the movement was far from reaching a moment of transcendence at the 1963 March on Washington Show more
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