The Two Ozone Problems, Air Pollutants - Atmosphere, Ocean and Environmental Change - Ron Smith - Lecture 31 of 36 - Video-lecture

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Description: There are two ozone problems in the atmosphere. Tropospheric ozone in the form of photochemical smog is sometimes dangerously high whereas stratospheric ozone concentration is sometimes dangerously low. Photochemical smog is created through chemical reactions between UV radiation from the run and nitrogen oxides that are emitted from automobiles. High concentrations of tropospheric ozone are dangerous because of the damage ozone can cause to a person's airway if it is inhaled. The EPA has specified limits of ozone concentration but several counties in the USA exceed these limits. The primary air pollutants from which ozone is created have a peak concentration twice a day typically, which is associated with rush hour times during the day.  Show more
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