Actividades libro ingles, Preguntas de examen de Inglés

Actividades libro ingles, Preguntas de examen de Inglés

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Son actividades de un libro de Inglés
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Pre – reading activities

1. Match each word to the correct Picture

1. Fast food

2. Weeding day

3. Rubber boots

4. Rose bush

5. Turban

6. Interview

2. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

1. Parents must be fun and mustn’t be strict. - Disagree

2. Young teenagers don’t need a home help. - Agree

3. Parents shouldn’t fight in front of their children - Agree

4. It’s hard work all day and be parent. – Disagree

5. It’s difficult to act all the time in real life. – Agree

Chapters 1 – 2 Activities

1. Make words from the letters to complete the sentences.

1. I have got some money in my pocket.

2. Jill’s hair is long and black.

3. The teacher spoke to the students in a firm voice.

4. I like eating potatoes with a lot of butter.

5. Your cheeks are very red. Are you hot?

2. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences.

1. Tom’s bedroom is always untidy and he can never find anything.

2. Fruit and vegetables are healthy.

3. I put the birthday card in a large red envelope.

4. Give her a tissue to dry her eyes.

5. He rang the doorbell but there wasn’t anybody at home.

3. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

1. If you friends are fighting, you should help them be friends agains.

2. If strangers talk to you, you shouldn’t talk to them.

3. You can make jam from fruit an sugar

4. You can find a sink in a kitchen

4. Answer the question. Write the answer in your notebook.

1. What do Lydia and her brother argue about? About who must gave the letter to their father.

2. How do we know Daniel cares more about looking after the children than looking after the house? Because his house is untidy and the children are very happy.

3. Why is Daniel upset by Miranda’s letter? Because he won’t see his children as much as he wants.

4. Why is Natty confused about her father’s new job? Because he is an actor, not a model.

5. Why does Miranda decide to put an advert in the newspaper? Because she needs a home help.

6. Why does Daniel change the number on the advert? Because nobody will answer the advert.

5. Complete the sentences with the names of the people.

1. Daniel knows nobody will answer the advert.

2. Natty helps make the pasta for dinner.

3. Lydia cleans the kitchen.

4. Miranda has got a lot of work at the moment.

5. Chris wants to eat pasta.

Chapters 3- 4 Activities

1. Complete the sentences with the words below. Then match them to the pictures.

1. Ken wasn’t home yet and his mum was worried.

2. She told him a secret and he promised not to tell anybody.

3. Fast food isn’t very healthy.

4. I wear my rubber boots in the rain.

2. Complete the sentences with the words below.

1. You must be polite to your teacher.

2. That was a marvelous film.

3. I found a beautiful feather in the garden.

4. My mum has got a very comforting face.

5. The policemen looked at him suspiciously.

6. She speaks English with a foreign accent.

3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. What is the problem with the first three callers? All the callers were strange.

2. Why does Miranda like the fourth caller? Because she sounds perfect.

3. Why does natty want Madame Doubtfire to read her a different story? Because she knows she was her father.

4. In Miranda’s opinion, why isn’t Natty frightened of Madame Doubtfire? Because Madame Doubtfire looks like a nice, understanding women.

4. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

1. The first caller speaks in a high voice because that is not really her own voice.

2. Madame Doubtfire warns Miranda she only gives children good, healthy food.

3. Natty takes a long time to brush her teeth because she was watching Madame Doubtfire.

4. Lydia looks at Madam Doubtfire with an excited look on her face.

5. When Madame Doubtfire says that Chris needs discipline, Miranda agrees and feels happy.

Chapters 5- 6 Activities

1. Use the words in the clouds to complete the sentences.

1. My boyfriend is tall, dark and very handsome.

2. The aeroplane disappeared behind a cloud.

3. I hate washing, cleaning and other housework.

4. My dad doesn’t wear a tie for work.

5. I can balance on one leg.

6. The cat is scratching at the back door.

7. The babysitter was horrified by the children’s behaviour.

2. Match A to B to make expressions. Then use them to complete the sentences below.

1. Why do you always work so hard?

I don’t want to lose my job.

2. Those children are laughing at me.

Don’t pay attention to them and they will stop.

3. Did Sam have an argument with Mum?

Yes, and now he looks uncomfortable.

4. Do you love your girlfriend?

Yes. We are going to get married next year.

3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. What things does Madame Doubtfire / Daniel like and dislike?

Daniel likes smoking, joking, drinking beer, staying with his children, chocolate and plants, but he doesn’t like cleaning and tidying the house, or cooking.

Madame Doubtfire likes chocolate, cooking healthy food, children, but she doesn’t like bad behaviour.

2. Why is Chris worried when Madame Doubtfire wants to talk to the neighbour?

Because Chris thinks she will recognize his Dad.

3. Why does Natty talk to Madame Doubtfire about her dad?

Because she thinks they are two different persons.

4. What happens when Lydia asks her mother where she went for her honeymoon?

That Madame Doubtfire says where they went immediately.

5. What does Lydia do when Madame Doubtfire carelessly talks about the honeymoon?

She tried to help an she changes the subject.

6. How did Daniel behave on his wedding day?

He behaved like a child, he disappeared.

4. Write T (true) or F (false) next to each sentence.

1. When Daniel was married, he didn’t smoke – T

2. The neighbor asks Madame Doubtfire for advice about the garden – F

3. Natty is embarrassed to tell her father about Miranda’s boyfriend – T

4. Miranda misses Daniel – F

5. Miranda and Daniel went to Scotland for Miranda’s 30th birthday – F

6. According to Miranda, her ex-husband never grew up – T

Chapters 7-8 Activities

1. Find eight words in the wordsearch. Then use the words to complete the sentences.

1. Our seat in the theatre was behind a pillar.

2. My birthday present from my parents was a watch.

3. You have to take the exam; you haven’t got another option.

4. The dog died from a strange illness.

5. She acts in an amateur drama group.

6. I hate to lie. I always tell the truth.

7. I used to practise the piano every day.

8. They pretend to be happy, but I know they are sad, really.

2. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. Why does Madame Doubtfire panic when Miranda asks for her help?

Because he can’t be Daniel and Madame Doubtfire at the same time.

2. What happens when Daniel goes to buy theatre tickets?

There weren’t enough tickets to sit together.

3. What does Daniel think about the play?

He thinks it isn’t good for the children because it’s about a married couple who are always fighting.

4. Are the children happy with Madame Doubtfire and the situation?

No, they aren’t, because they are lying to their mother.

5. Why does Daniel practice his handwriting before he sends the letter?

Because he want to it looks like an old lady’s writing.

3. Choose the incorrect statement.

1. Mrs Hooper asks Madame Doubtfire to make tea. (b)

2. Natty got pink paper from her father (a)

3. Lydia sits next to Natty at the play. (c)

4. Daniel doesn’t want to go shopping (c)

5. Miranda doesn’t know Daniel is a model (a)

Chapters 9-10 Activities

1. Read the clues and complete the puzzle.

1. To change a person into somebody else. Transform

2. Tools you need to do a particular job. Equipment

3. You feel terrible and you need help. Desperate

4. A chance to do something. Opportunity

5. A piece of material used for dry something. Towel

6. You must cover your hair in the swimming pool.

2. Complete the paragraph with the words below.

Yesterday I went shopping for a dress. I saw a several dresses I liked. One was made of red material but it cost too much. Another pretty dress had a lovely shawl attached to the shoulders. I put the dress on, but it was too small. I read the liable and I saw it was not my size, but they didn’t have a bigger one!

3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. Why doesn’t Madame Doubtfire read the note from school?

Because there was a painting in the other side and Natty said it wasn’t important.

2. How does Madame Doubtfire feel when she takes Natty shopping?

She felt tired and impatient.

3. Why is Madame Doubtfire shocked to see the children at home on the morning of the art classes?

Because she didn’t know about the teachers’ strike and the children will see him naked.

4. How do the children plan to disobey their father?

They plan to come down and watch the art group drawing their father.

5. Why is Daniel wait for the art class?

Because she had to change into Dani


6. Why is Miranda angry before she goes into the house?

Because children were looking throw the window, they were watching they naked father and she didn’t know there was a strike.

4. Match A to B to make sentences.

1. Madame Doubtfire couldn’t trousers for Natty.

2. Madame Doubtfire forgot about the letter to Miranda.

3. Natty didn’t know that note from school was important.

4. Chris broth his father a large coloued shawl.

5. The art group discussed the best position to draw Daniel.

6. The children watched the art group throw the window.

7. Miranda discovered the truth about Madame Doubtfire.

Chapter 11-12 Activities

1. Use words or expressions to complete the sentences. Then match them to the correct picture.

1. I looked in the fridge for something to eat but it was empty. Picture B.

2. A lady is sitting at table in the corner of the restaurant. She’s speaking politely to a waiter. Picture C

3. Put the knife in the drawer before you cut yourself. Picture A

4. He found an old sock and put it in the rubbish bin! Picture D

2. Write a word next to its definition below.

1. To do something very vigorously – Insist

2. To say yes to an invitation or offer – Accept

3. TA feeling of respect for a person or thing – Admiration

4. To say something very firmly – Energetically

5. To be alive – Exist

3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.

1. Why is Chris angry with his parents?

Because they’re arguing.

2. Why does Daniel get off the bus quickly?

Because the bus driver is flirting with him.

3. Why does Daniel start cleaning everything when he gets home?

Because the flat is dirty and he remembers what Miranda said.

4. Why is Daniel pleasantly surprised to see Miranda at his flat?

Because he wasn’t expecting she bring him the children and she was angry with him.

5. Why does Miranda put the knives in a drawer?

Because Natty could use them and they’re dangerous.

6. What is Miranda’s solution to the problem?

The solution is that Daniel is going to go to Miranda’s house to have care of the garden and help the children with their homework.

4. What are the people thinking? Match the thought bubbles to the correct person.

1. d. I’ll be more responsible in the future.

2. c. Why do they always fight and shout?

3. a. It’s amazing. he really cleaned the place up.

4. b. This is uncomfortable. We should leave.

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