aladdin en ingles, obra completa de aladdin, Proyectos de Artes escénicas. IES NUEVO SCALA

aladdin en ingles, obra completa de aladdin, Proyectos de Artes escénicas. IES NUEVO SCALA

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(Shahryar (the king) is in the right corner in the back)

Narrator: What time is it? Is it early morning? Shahryar´s room is dark. How many women will be?

He won’t stop. Damn night in which the queen betrayed the king with another man. As a result,

Shahryar kills each woman the next day as revenge. What time is it? Is it early morning? I think

Shahryar killed his victim. Is it a noise? Is it the night? Is it the woman’s cry?

(The Vizier and Scherezade show up, going out of the left side)

Scherezade: (Crying and screaming while the Vizier is pulling her) Father you know what will

happen if you let me go! Don’t take me there! if you love me, if you really love me, you will prefer

love than honor.

Vizier: You don’t understand Scherezade, but the king trusts me and needs you.

Scherezade: Is it that simple? Will you take me to my executor? Do you know that I will be death


Vizier: Daughter, you are intelligent. I trust in your wisdom. Use it as your shield.

(They arrive to the place where the king is and leaves her. The Vizier goes away)

Shahryar: Get closer

Scherezade:(Shyly gets closer and sits down near him)

Shahryar: You are in front of the king. Are you going to tell me your name?

Scherezade: Scherezade

Shahryar: Scherezade, I like music. Play a song for me (gives it to her and then claps?

Scherezade:(receives it and denies with her head) I don’t know how to play the violin. I don’t

know how to sing.

Shahryar: Then, What is your talent? (standing up) Yesterday, Fadwa made a sculpture for me.

Two weeks ago, Aaminah played the harp, three days ago Danerah sang, and you? You tell me that

you don’t know anything? Don’t you have any talent?

Scherezade: I am good at telling stories. I tell stories to anyonw who wants to listen to me.

Shahryar: Stories? What a stupid talent! But continue. Tell a story about me, in which I am the

main character.

Scherezade: (takes out an old book)

Act 2

Narrator: The legend says that in the world there are creatures more powerful than kings who live

hidden from the eyes of men inside lamps.

The person who discovers the lamp can ask for 3 wishes. But hey! Wealth does not come easily:

the lamp is hidden in the “cave of wonders” and no one knows the location of it. We only know

that “the diamond in the rough”, an innocent person who doesn’t know anything about the lamp,

will find it. So be careful! Greedy hands: turn away from the precious artifact.

(Enter Jafar and Iago)

Iago: Jafar, Did you hear that? - (Parrot sound) - Lamp!

Jafar: YES! Stupid little creature! I also heard that a simple mortal can’t get it. Iago: We don’t have

the chance to get it.

Iago: - (Parrot sound) - Why?

Jafar: STUPID ANIMAL! Because we already know about the existence of the lamp. What a shame!

Iago: We need a “diamond in the rough”.

(Aladdin running)

Jafar: YES! The diamond… (Pointing to Aladdin)

(Iago and Jafar laughing leave the stage)

(There are 5 guards running behind Aladdin)


Guard 2: He has escaped again!

Guard 3: (Tired) Again? Oh, no! Don’t run, leave him alone!

Guard 4: Neveeeeeer! (Runs in and out of scene)

Guard 5: We better ask for help to these people (Talking to the audience) Does anyone know the

location of Aladdin?

(Aladdin disguised as a woman with some women at the market)

Guard 1: He stole a piece of bread!

Guard 2: (Approaches to women and flirts with Aladdin) Hello ladies.... That turban makes me

crazy... (Takes Aladdin’s hand) Those beautiful eyes. Don’t escape from my love! (Drops the


Guard 1: There he is! Traitor! Behind the! (Chases him and leave the scene)

Guard 3: Why are you so pale and cold? (Talking to guard 2)

Guard 2: b-bu-but she was so beautiful…

Guard 3: Yeah, yeah I know. Let it go friend... (dragged him out of scene)

Act 3

(Sultan and after him, Leon Abdud Prince)

Sultan: NO! NO! NO! My daughter is worth more than that; you have to impress me more to

change my opinion.

Leon Abdud: As you want (clap three times and come on stage to dance)

Sultan: WOW! That’s impressive!

Leon Abdud: Let’s talk clear. When am I going to marry the princes?

(Jasmine comes in)

Jasmine: Wedding? Who is going to marry? Oh father, such a good news! I had no idea that you

would marry this lovely prince (smiling)

Sultan: (anxious and nervous) No, Jasmine. It's your wedding.

Leon Abdud: Insolent! It is the Sultan who you are talking to! You have to be respectful or..

Jasmine: or… Are you going to stop me? Try it! (Leaves the stage opposite to the prince)

Sultan: Ah! Allah! When will my daughter get married?

Jafar: My lord, my king, with all my respect...

Sultan: Oh, Jafar! You don’t interrupt. Continue...

Jafar: I could hear the worries of my king.

Sultan: Yes, Jafar. Jasmine rejected 3 Princes with huge fortunes. Let me tell you something: I

don’t understand what she wants.

Jafar: My lord, my king. I want to remind you that the code of the kingdom says that if the princess

doesn’t get a husband in a period of time, the current counselor, me, should marry her.

Iago: - (Parrot talk) - Marry her

Sultan: Oh! But what a cute parrot (he puts a cookie forcing him in the mouth) yes, yes, yes Jafar.

But there is still time. (He goes away)

Jafar: My lord, ky king, I know that. It is only an idea to help you, because I can feel that you are

irritated. Don’t think that I have other intentions.

Act 4

(Jasmine, women and merchant)

Jasmine: I live my life locked up in the palace and I don’t see the world with my own eyes. That is

terrible! Do this! Do that! I don’t decide or participate. Why do I need a husband to rule my


(He sees a hungry child)

Jasmine: What happens, boy? Are you hungry?

(Aladdin enters on one side) (Jasmine gets an apple, and then a merchant grabs her arm)

Merchant: Apples are not free, lady. You have to pay.

Jasmine: What? Sir, excuse me. I don’t have money to pay in this moment, but I promise that

when I get to the palace I will pay you.

Merchant: Palace? What palace? No one goes in or out of the palace (pulls out a sword) This will

be fast, I swear.

Jasmine: No, no please!

Aladdin: Oh there you are! I am sorry, sir. Thank you for finding her. She was lost. She thinks that

she lives in the palace and that she is a princess. Can you believe it?

Merchant: She also thinks food is free

Aladdin: I'll take her home. Breathe girl.

Guard 1: This time you won’t escape! Thief! Catch him!

Aladdin: Run!

Jasmine: What?


Act 5

(Enter Aladdin and Jasmine. They go to an old house)

Jasmine: Who were those people? What do they want from you? Allah! What happened?

Aladdin: Calm down

Jasmine: Calm down? No! I want to do it again... come on! Come on!

Aladdin: Do you want to steal again? This time I won’t save you. You were lucky to find me... Or

should I remind you that you almost lose your hand?

Jasmine: No, not steal. Just run. Let’s run together

Aladdin: No, I can’t. If I go out, they will find me ... I have to stay here.

Jasmine: You are free, did you know that?

Aladdin: I am, but sometimes I doubt it.

Jasmine: Why are you running?

Aladdin: Those guards at the market. They catch anyone who causes problems, like you. Now you

are a fugitive like me, we are fugitives from the royal guard.

Jasmine: Stop it! Tell me your name

Aladdin: It is beautiful, right? The palace, I wonder what's in there

Jasmine: Nothing interesting, believe me.

Aladdin: Can we go inside?

Jasmine: Don’t worry about it.

Aladdin: We can’t get close. The guards don’t let you.

Jasmine: Don’t worry about it.

Aladdin: I worry about it. Don’t you understand? That’s why they follow us.

Jasmine: I didn’t know that my people suffer that much... I mean, the people.

Aladdin: Aladdin, that's my name.

Jasmine: Isn’t it beautiful? The palace, I mean.

Aladdin: Yes, it is.

(Enter the guards)

Guard 1: There's the thief!

Guard 2: Catch him!

(Guard 1 and 3 take Aladdin and Jasmine)

Guard 1: Finally we could catch Aladdin!!! Small rat! You will spend many years in jail boy, years

and years.

Jasmine: Let him go!

Guard 3: Never!

Guard 2: Direct orders from the royal counsel, Jafar. And nobody disobeys.

(Jasmine discovers her hair)

Jasmine: I do!

Guard 1: Oh Allah!

Guard 2: Princess!

Guard 3: She is the princess! Oh Allah!

(They reverence)

Jasmine: Yes, I am the princess. And I demand to set him free. NOW!

Guard 2: P-pr-princess sorry. This order i-i-is unbreakable.

Jasmine: Really? We will see if that is true.

(Everybody goes out)

Act 6

(Jafar and Jago are on scene, and then Jazmin enters)

Jazmin: You took him, Jafar! You took him!

Jafar: Your majesty! You look a little angry.

Jazmin: Jafar, you know what I am talking about! Why did you send Aladdin to jail?

Jafar: Oh, Aladdin, your majesty. Why do you worry about that little rat?

Jazmin: Answer me!

Jafar: He is a thief. Nothing more than a rat. He disturbs the peace of the city of Agravah.

Jazmin: Jafar, Peace? Peace? Tell me what kind of peace we have here? Have you seen what

happens behind these walls?

Jafar: The decision is made.

(Jazmin gets out)

Jafar: Did you hear that Iago? We captured our diamond in the rough.

Iago: Diamond!

Jafar: His little and stupid mind can’t resist going to the cave of wonders, he is mine!

Iago: Lamp!

Jafar: He will make us rich!

Iago: Powerful! More than the king and his stupid daughter

Jafar: He won’t refuse! I am sure! That boy has not seen in his life more than 5 dinars together.

Act 7Aladdin: (hands tied) What happened? I don’t understand. She was the princess! It can’t be real. No one had seen her outside the palace! Jafar: The princess, boy, is nothing more than a myth Aladdin: Oh my God! Who is there? Jafar: Another prisoner, boy. Are you sure she was the princess? Aladdin: Yes. She escaped from the palace so I met her! Jafar: (laughing) If you met her, what are you doing here then? She didn’t help you? Oh, of course, she is the princess. She was playing to be a beggar for one day and after she returned to sleep in her bed. Aladdin: I'm not good enough; not for her. Jafar: But do you want to get her attention? Aladdin: That is what I want in this world! Jafar: I have a proposal boy, but you have to trust me. Aladdin: Trust?

Jafar: What is life without risk... look, there is a cave full of wonders, the greatest treasures that a man can imagine... You have to go there and don’t touch anything. After, it will appear before you. Bring it to me and I'll give you all the money you want. Aladdin: But what do I have to find? Jafar: If you don’t look, it will come ... Aladdin: So why are not you going? Jafar: Because I know what to look for. Voice-off: Who disturbs my sleep? Are you? Is the diamond in the rough? Go! Jafar: GO boy! Don’t let fear stops you Aladdin: I see something. Jafar: Now that you have it, give it to me! Aladdin: No, help me to get out of here! Jafar: The lamp, boy! (The cave collapses) Jafar: Run out, kid! (Collapses the cave) Jafar: Nooo! My lamp! It is not possible. It was my opportunity to have it! My beautiful lamp. It is gone…. Forever Act 8Aladdin: Ay! Ay! Ay! What happened? Allah! It hurts! Am I blind? ... I don’t see anything. What is this? I think it is gold. There is an inscription: As Salam Aleykum (Peace be with you) Genie: Aahhh. Finally! Oh my dialogue: I am the genius of laaaamp. I am here to fulfill your wishes, thank you (Clapping) Aladdin: What? Hey! Are you going to fulfill my wishes? Genie: 3 to be exact, no more, no less... 1, 2, 3 and no refunds Aladdin: I'm dreaming! You are going to give me three wishes, whatever I want, right?

Genie: Almost. There are some exceptions for a genius: Rule number one: I can’t kill anyone Rule number two: I can’t make someone fall in love with someone else And number three: I can’t bring from the dead, I can’t... It's terrible and it smells bad. Aladdin: I think I hit my head. I must be dreaming. Genie: Oh no! I think you don’t see what you found here, so sit down and I show you the possibilities Aladdin: impressive but... exceptions? Limitations? Now you don’t look so powerful! I think you can’t take me out of this cave... I will do it by myself. Genie: Hey! You took me out of the lamp, you woke me up. You will take the three wishes starting now, so let’s go! We're out of here! Aladdin: Ok, but we can stay here because I have no wishes. Genie: None? Money? Power? Intelligence? I think you need beauty Aladdin: Well, there's a girl... Genie: That’s what I mean! Tell me everything, Are you in love? I’m excited! Aladdin: No, that's not the problem... it is that she is a princess Genie: Oh, boy Aladdin: Her attention is what I want the most in this world Genie: Don’t tell me anything else! Act 9Sultan: Jafar next time you decide to kill a prisoner you have to tell me or it could cost you the honor. Jafar and Iago (doing reverence) Jafar: Your Highness, I will remember that Sultan: Jasmine! (Jasmine comes in) Jafar: Let’s try to fix this princess. It was only a beggar...From your balcony you can see that in the kingdom we have thousands...

Jasmine: Thousands! And you think... kill them all? (Out of scene) Jafar: I can see that you still don’t solve the problem of her marriage. Apparently she will have to marry me... for the benefit of the kingdom, of course. Sultan: Ahhh! Don’t mention it, but she still has time to think ... I appreciate your sacrifice, Jafar. (Trumpets sound) Sultan: What is that? That music? Jafar come and see this! (Prince Ali song) Aladdin: (reverence) Your highness, I am Prince Ali of Shimoa. I heard that the princess wants to get married. If she is as beautiful as rumors say, I bring all my money at your disposal. Jafar: Money? Your highness, forgive me but if this was a demonstration of your money, it is a shame... We are not desperate, thank you. Sultan: But the man has golden camels! Aladdin: Bautiful dancers too... Jafar: The princess won’t agree to marry him, it is not enough. A few days ago he refused to Leon Abud Sultan: True ... and if we increase the proposal? (Jasmine enters annoying scene) Jasmine: Increasing the proposal? I hope you don’t talk about my marriage again! Father, do you think Leon Abud was rejected because "it was not enough"? Obviously you don’t know me. Don’t worry, prince. You are not welcome in my kingdom, I won’t marry you. (Exits scene) (Aladdin leaves behind her) Sultan: Prince Ali, don’t listen to her, sorry. (Exits scene following him) Iago: Oh Jafar! We missed the opportunity to have the throne! Jafar: Grrrr! Where did this Abubu prince come from, anyway? (malicious) Iago: Prince Ali! (correcting) Jafar: Don’t correct me, stupid animal! Iago: What are we going to do? (scared)

Jafar: What we always do, Iago, let’s conquer the world. But first, we have to find the lamp in all this desert dunes. Act 10 (Jasmine sitting on the floor in the front, sad.) (Aladdin enters) Aladdin: Princess Jasmine? Jasmine: Who are you? Aladdin: It’s me, Prince Ali Jasmine: I don’t want to see you! Go away! Aladdin: No, please, give me a chance princess... Jasmine: Prince Ali, have I seen you before? You look like someone I met on the market the other day Aladdin: What! In the market? No, I never go to the market. (Nervous) Jasmine: Sorry... I thought you were someone else. Ali don’t waste your time, I won’t marry you.. go away. Aladdin: But, Princess ... I came here ... I offer all my wealth ... my land ... jewelry. I don’t understand. Jasmine: I am not a prize to be won ... just me. And if you do not understand that ... you will not understand anything. Aladdin: I didn’t imagine that. I went through all this for nothing? Jasmine: don’t worry. You will find your beautiful princess. Aladdin: do you want to come and see the world on my magic carpet? Jasmine: Is it safe? (A whole new world song) (Iago gets the lamp) Act 11 (Jafar and Iago) Jafar: Iago! The lamp is ours, only ours!

Iago: Master, let’s use our first wish! (The genie appears) Genie: I am the genius of laaaamp! I am here to fulfill your wishes, thank you. Jafar: I do not need your stupid monologue, I know who you are. I want to be the sultan and have a large army ... Iago: A terrible army (Jafar, Iago, Jasmine, the Sultan and genie) Sultan: Jafar! You nasty traitor. Iago: Be more respectful! Jafar: Finally you bow down to me Jasmine: We will never do that, Jafar. Iago: She is so stubborn! Jafar: Now I can kill or do whatever I want, but I won’t because I have other plans for you. Genie, I want Princess Jasmine falls in love with me. Genie: But there are exceptions... Jafar: Don’t tell me that stupid genie! Do what I want, you are my slave! Jasmine: Jafar, I hadn’t realized that you are incredibly handsome Jafar: mmm that's better, now, beautiful, tell me everything you see in me. Jasmine: You're tall. Jafar: Yes Jasmine: And you're a great wizard. Jafar: If you love me so much, you don’t mind that I kill Aladdin in front of you now that I am powerful. (Guards go out with Aladdin) Jasmine: Jafar, don’t waste your time with this beggar. Let’s do something else. Aladdin: That’s not true, Jafar! You are not as powerful as the genie. Jafar: It is true! I want the divine power, be more powerful than you, genie. That’s my second wish

Jafar: Yes, I can feel the supreme power! (Laughter) Genie: Al, what did you do! You don’t see the problem (Worried) Iago: Jafar! NOOOO, reverse that wish! Jafar: Why? I am the world's most powerful creature! Iago: Because the genies are not free, master. Jafar: What? Say it again! Iago: That genies are not... (Aladdin is released from the guards and goes to the lamp, but Jafar throws it on the floor, take the lamp Aladdin as a shield) Aladdin: I’m sorry everyone. I never should have taken the lamp from the cave. Jasmine: It is not your fault. Aladdin: But Jafar, I take advantage of your ignorance Jafar: Ignorance? Aladdin: The greatest power, Jafar, you do not have it Jafar: then who? (hysterical) Aladdin: Because the genies were created to grant wishes to others. Jafar: Iago, tell me he is lying. Jago: No my lord, the beggar does not lie. Aladdin: Now you're serving us, that the real power. Jasmine: and now you will live trapped in a lamp. Jafar: Nooooooooo! (The Sultan, Jasmine, Aladdin, and genie are lying on the floor) Genie: Well done, Aladdin! You have the last wish; you can be prince to marry the princess. Aladdin: No, I don’t want to be prince, genie, I want you to be free.

Genie: I can’t believe it, you have to ask me something. Tell me you want the Nile. Aladdin: ehh I want the river Nile. Genie: NO! I am free, I am free! Aladdin: Genie, I'll miss you Genie: Me too! I don’t care what people say. For me you will always be a prince (The genie is out of scene) Aladdin: Jasmine, I won’t stay here, I am leaving. Besides, you have to marry a prince. Sultan: Boy, you have a brave hard and Jasmine is not going to find another man like you. I am the sultan and I decree that the princess can marry the man she chooses! Jasmine: Really father? Sultan: Yes. I want you to be happy Jasmine: I choose Aladdin Act 12 Scherezade: And Aladdin and Jasmine lived happily ever after.

Shahryar: Wow! What a good talent you have! I want to marry you.

Scherezade: Oh really?

Shahryar: Yes. You will be the queen. (Both leave the scene) Narrator: This was the story of Aladdin told by Scherezade. After one thousand and one nights of telling stories, Shahryar decided to marry her and they also lived happily ever after.

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