Answers end of book woman in the white, Resúmenes de Inglés

Answers end of book woman in the white, Resúmenes de Inglés

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Woman in White These answers relate to the questions on pages 62-65 of the reader itself.

Chapter 1

1. Professor Pesca want ed to help Walter because

Walter had once saved his life and he would like

to find a way to repay him.

2. The woman that Walt er met on his way home

was dressed in white. She was slim , had fair

hair and her young face was nervo us.

3. Walter was surprised when the woman in white

told him that she once knew Mrs Fa irlie at

Limmeridge House and liked her ve ry much.

Chapter 2

1. Frederick Fairlie is the owner of Limmeridge

House and is Laura Fairlie’s uncle. He is about

55 years old and has got a thin fac e and pale

grey eyes.

2. Marian Halcombe and Laura Fairlie had the

same mother but different fathers, and are

therefore half-sisters.

3. The woman in white i s Anne Catherick. Laura’s

mother, Mrs Fairlie, had Anne Cath erick as a

pupil in her school when she was a little girl.

4. Walter finds out that t he woman in white is

called Anne Catherick from a letter which

Marian Halcombe shows him and w hich was

written by her mother.

5. Walter had a strange feeling when he saw Laura

Fairlie pass the window because sh e was

exactly like the woman in white.

Chapter 3

1. Walter had to leave Li mmeridge House because

he and Laura had fallen in love, but she was

soon going to marry another man.

2. Miss Halcombe thoug ht that the man in the

dream was Sir Percival because the description

of the man in the dream was an ac curate

description of Sir Percival.

3. Walter thought that A nne Catherick had written

the letter because the writer said t hat Mrs Fairlie

was her best friend. Anne Catherick had also

told Walter that Mrs Fairlie was her friend.

Chapter 4

1. The woman next to th e grave cried out in fear

when she saw Walter.

2. Walter believed that S ir Percival had done

something to harm Anne Catherick because she

cried out in fear and hatred when h is name was

mentioned, but when she recognise d Walter, she

began to relax.


Chapter 5

1. Mr Gilmore went to Limmeridg e House to see

Mr Fairlie and arrange a marriage s ettlement

between Laura and Sir Percival Gly de.

2. Laura greeted Sir Percival coldl y and took the

first opportunity to leave the room.

3. Sir Percival said that Anne’s m other had been a

great help to him in the past. When it became

obvious that Anne needed proper medical care,

he felt an obligation to help her, so when Anne

was 12 years old, he decided to pa y for her to

be put in an asylum.

4. Eleanor Fosco, was angry that Philip Fairlie

didn’t leave her any money in his w ill and that

her niece, Laura, would inherit ever ything.

5. Mr Gilmore was worried about Laura’s

marriage to Sir Percival because Sir Percival

didn’t respect Laura’s wishes and b ecause Sir

Percival wanted to inherit all her m oney if she

died before him.

Chapter 6

1. Laura is going to marry Sir Per cival because

that was her father’s last wish befo re he died.

2. After the wedding, Laura and S ir Percival are

going to travel to Europe. They are going to

visit friends of Sir Percival, includin g Count

Fosco and his wife, Eleanor – Laura’ s aunt.

Chapter 7

1. When Laura returned from Eur ope, she was no

longer the happy, innocent girl that her sister


2. Laura refused to sign the docu ment because she

wanted to read all of it before she s igned and

Sir Percival didn’t want this.

3. Sir Percival wanted his wife to sign the

document because he owed a lot of money and

he wanted to use Laura’s money to pay his bills.

Chapter 8

1. Anne Catherick left the boat ho use quickly

because she heard someone outsid e and was


2. Sir Percival and Eleanor Fosco will get Laura’s

money if she dies before them.

Chapter 9

1. Laura wasn’t allowed to go to Miss Halcombe’s

room because Miss Halcombe had t yphus and

the illness was very infectious.

The Woman in White

2. After Laura found out her sister had typ hus, she

was overcome with worry and wouldn’t eat. She

became weak and depressed.

3. Sir Percival said that Miss Halcombe ha d gone

to London on her way to Limmeridge. She

wanted to ask her uncle’s permission for her

sister and herself to stay at Limmeridge House.

4. When Laura left Blackwater Park, Miss

Halcombe was still there, hidden in an old part

of the house.

Chapter 10

1. Count Fosco’s servants were told that C ountess

Fosco’s niece, Lady Glyde, would be coming to

stay and that she was ill.

2. After Count Fosco went out for a walk, L ady

Glyde died.

Chapter 11

1. Walter travelled to Cumberland again to visit

Laura’s grave.

2. Walter realised that Laura wasn’t dead when he

was standing at her grave and saw a woman

walking towards him. When the woman lifted

her veil, he saw that it was Laura.

Chapter 12

1. Miss Halcombe went to the asylum in L ondon

to find out why Anne Catherick was pretending

to be Laura.

2. Miss Halcombe paid a nurse four hundr ed

pounds to help her take Laura away from the

asylum. The nurse dressed Laura in her own

clothes and brought her to Marian.

3. Nobody at Limmeridge House recognise d Laura

because her stay in the asylum had changed her.

Chapter 13

1. To prove that Laura is still alive, Walter has to

prove that she arrived in London after the date

written on her death certificate.

2. Mrs Wesley is worried about Anne Cath erick

because she doesn’t know where Anne is. Anne

also has a weak heart and the doctor says that

she doesn’t have long to live.

3. Mrs Wesley told Count Fosco that Anne was

very ill and didn’t have long to live.

Chapter 14

1. Walter thinks Anne Catherick’s father was

Philip Fairlie, who was also Laura’s father.

2. Walter suspected that the entry about the

marriage was added later because the writing

was smaller than the rest. The entry looked

strange, as if it had been added later and made

smaller to fit into the space.

3. Sir Percival went into the church to get the

register of marriages, so that Walter wouldn’t

have any proof that the entry was forged.

Chapter 15

1. Count Fosco was afraid of Pesca because Pesca

was the secretary of an Italian political society.

If Fosco was a member of the society and had

betrayed it, it would be Pesca’s duty to kill him.

2. Members of the political society had a red mark

on their left arm.

Chapter 16

1. Count Fosco showed he was afraid because he

took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped

his forehead. With his other hand he reached for

his gun in the drawer. When he read Pesca’s

note, his face turned white.

Chapter 17

1. Count Fosco gave Walter a written confession

of what he had done. He also gave him a letter

he had received from Sir Percival, which proved

that Laura was still alive on the date written on

her death certificate.

2. Anne Catherick really died on 25th July in

Count Fosco’s house.

3. Count Fosco got Anne Catherick to come to his

house by sending her an anonymous message

telling her that Laura wanted to meet her there.

4. When Mr Fairlie was told the truth about his

niece, he complained that the news was too

much for his nerves and asked Walter and Mr

Gilmore to leave the room so that he could


Chapter 18

1. Laura and Miss Halcombe went to Limmeridge

House because Mr Fairlie had died and little

Walter was the heir of the house.

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