burkini ban - immigrantes, Monografías, Ensayos de Idioma Inglés

burkini ban - immigrantes, Monografías, Ensayos de Idioma Inglés

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redacción en inglés sobre el Burkini BAN
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Àngela Esteban 20/09/2016 1 BBA A


Today, in France, there are lots of immigrants and foreign people.Most of them are from other cultures and religions, so there is a high number of Muslims.

Those people have their own customs that France has respected for years.

However, recently France has took a ban about wearing “burkini”, a bathing suit

that covers the body of women. Fortunately, Nice court has suspended the ban.

Indubitable, this is absolutely a perfect and valuable action that Nice court has


Clearly, freedom is the main right that modern democratic countries are in favour of. Nice court has show the respect to their citizens. In 1789 there was

the French revolution where they claimed three clear rights. Those rights that

France achieved were being violated by some other cities. Fortunately Nice

courts has proved its good position.

There are other values like respect and tolerance, which are important today.

Human Rights covers of these values,so that is why it is important not to ignore them. Today, there are lots of differences among people, so governments should try to be tolerant to create harmony.

Furthermore, if Muslim women want to wear a burkini and they do not bother anyone, there should be no reason to censure them. Western girls can wear bathing suit or go topless; therefore Muslim girls should wear what is more comfortable for them.

To sum up, Nice court has done the right thing, suspended the ban that it is

really cruel, awful and incoherent. Fortunately, there is still people that believes

in liberty.

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