Clause Structure I, Apuntes de Idioma Inglés. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

Clause Structure I, Apuntes de Idioma Inglés. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

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Asignatura: Sintaxis del Inglés, Profesor: Matilde Vivancos Machimbarrena, Carrera: Estudios Ingleses, Universidad: UCM
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Clause Subject Predicate Predicator Complement Adjunct Object Complement Od Oi Oprep Cs Co Subject (S) + Predicate (P) Predicate (P): Predicator Complements Adjuncts Complement: Object Complement Object: Direct Object Od Indirect Object Oi Prepositional Object Oprep Complement: Subject Complement Cs Object Complement Co Adjunct A Basic Syntactic Structures of the Clause SP Tom / is cooking. SPOd Tom / broke / a glass. SPOiOd Tom / offered / his sister-in-law/ a cup of tea. SPOprep He /applied / for a new job SPCs My brother / looks / very tired SPOdCo

They / appointed / Brown / Prime Minister

A. Identify the immediate constituents of the following sentences and name their function

A S P Oi Od Ex: Last week / Michael / showed/ us / the way to his house.

1. Kate hugged the baby

2. The dog found a bone

3. Jenny hit him

4. Ken snores very loudly

5. The baby cried in the night

6. She smiled

7. Jack fell

8. The baby was sleeping

9. The baby was sleeping soundly

10. The baby was sleeping in the pram

11. Alan played the piano

12. The children were playing in the garden

13. The sun shone

14. She knows a secret

15. The dog barked in the night at Mary.

16. Sally sang a solo

17. Sally sings in a club

18. Ray told the children a story

19. Ray told a story to the children

20. Ken made a cake for the party/for Peter.

B. Using labelled bracketings, analyse the following sentences at clause level. Then produce a tree diagram:

Ex: Dogs dislike black cats

[C [S Dogs] [P [P dislike] [Od black cats] ] ] C . S P P Od Dogs dislike black cats

1. They bought some flowers last Sunday

2. The bathroom was very hot

3. He gave her the book

4. She is dancing with her husband in the garden

5. She gave the book to John

6. She felt fortunate

7. We considered her fortunate

8. The man talked to the woman

9. He did it relatively quickly

10. It was intensely ho

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