Fashion prices are coming. , Apuntes de Inglés

Fashion prices are coming. , Apuntes de Inglés

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Some people say that clothes prices have decreased in the last years. About four weeks ago I watched an interesting documentary about how the fashion industries capture the attention of the customers that they call the victims.

It is true that with the crisis of the recent years, the people do not want to spend a lot of money in dress, therefore the wit brand brands created a new type of clothes. "The cheap fashion". Some years ago if you wanted a T-shirt in affordable price, you must went to the jumble sale. Nowadays, some trendy shops are more competitive than the well-known jumble sale.

On the other hand, some brands prefer to keep their style and their characteristic grade that made them unique from the others. Consequently they should not lower prices or they will loose their renown.

To sum up, I do not consider that the prices are lower than some years ago, but in my opinion there are more middle class people that do not want to spend their incomes in extortionate clothes because they have Calvin Klain on her back.

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