History, Apuntes de Historia. ESERP Barcelona

History, Apuntes de Historia. ESERP Barcelona

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Asignatura: history, Profesor: Beatriz Gomez, Carrera: Publicitat i Relacions Públiques (ESERP), Universidad: ESERP BCN
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1 Introduction Advertisement, Journalism, Propanganda, Fiction/enteratinment, Marketing and Communication are all in the Social Science fields. Advertising was born itself when the newspapers were born in the 17 th century. The rise of capitalism, advertising and newpapers happened at the same time. Propaganda and Advertising are both persuasive. Propaganda tries to convice you about an idea. Advertising is more to sell, it also creates ideologies. Advertising makes you have an ideology, the consumerism ideology. 1.1 Common points between different disciplines · Advertisment & Journalism: Origins. Information. · Advertisment & Propaganda: Persuasion. Ideology and social construction. · Advertisment & Fiction/entertainment: Evocation. Storytelling. · Advertisment & Marketing: Part of a whole.

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and echanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Advertisement is the placement of announcements and persuasive messages in time or space purchased in any of the mass media by business firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals who seek to inform or persuade members of a particular target market or audience about their products, services, organizations or ideas. Propaganda are the ideas information, or other material commonly disseminated throught the media in an effort to win people over to a given doctrine or point of view.

Advertising Fiction/entertainment

Objective: selling Storytelling

Rentability Entertainment/Art

Sensations vs values or data (evolution) Ideas, values, data

Evocative Atmosphere Realist location

Type characters (not developed, anonymous) Individualized characters

Ultra signs. Everything connotes. Poetry of Advertisment

Multiple languages

1.2 Sell & Spin (documentary)

What is advertising? Presence in society Effective techniques

· Notify · Creat a desire (illusions) · Exageration of reality · Get into people's subconscious or unconscious · Focus: narcisistic

· 2000 ads per day · Everywhere (public/private space) · $450 milion spent on advertising · Worldwide (#1 OK, #2 Coca Cola)

· Depending on the campaign · Humanize (Leo Bunnet): Personalities as products

History of Advertisement and Public Relations 1

History of Advertisement and Public Relations 2

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