If we had to change our lives, Apuntes de Inglés

If we had to change our lives, Apuntes de Inglés

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Some people argue that if we could live in another life our happiness would increase. I not totally agree with that nevertheless every life is diferent.

From my point of view are more important our qualities than people who are around. To be honest I am not resposable and I am always a very confused person. It seems that if I had this oportunity, I would change this característics.

Moreover, many people want to change their fisic appearence, and they went to a especific doctor to transform their face or their body. Althought I would not go there but I do not disagree. I am not neither for nor against.

To sum up I won't change my body or my face but I feel that if I am better in some caracteristics, it may help my live.

Pau Marti TEXT 4

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