ingles, Apuntes de Álgebra. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

ingles, Apuntes de Álgebra. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

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Asignatura: Álgebra, Profesor: Maria Alvare, Carrera: Información y Documentación, Universidad: UC3M
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FAMILY CELEBRATION IN ECUADOR Hello this is Jack reporting from the Annual Family Celebration in Quito, Ecuador. People are having a wonderful time. Most men are cooking a traditional dish called Fanesca. Some women are playing hide-and-seek with their children. The elderly are listening to old music and telling stories from the past. I am here with Mario Velasco, the event organizer, and I want to ask him a couple of questions: –Reporter: Mario, how long is the event?
 –Mario: Well, it started yesterday at 7 am and it’ll finish tomorrow at 9 pm with a concert. 
 –Reporter: Is this event meaningful for Ecuadorian families?
 –Mario: Yes, absolutely. Just look at the people. They are laughing, dancing or just relaxing.
 –Reporter: Thank Mario for your time and for the event. That is all for now. I am Jack Baker. Bye-bye.

1. How often does this celebration take place? 1.a.Once a month 1.b. Once a year 1.c.Every other year

2. What is “Fanesca”? 1.d. A typical Ecuadorian food 1.e.A game 1.f.A kind of music

3. What are the children doing? 1.g. They are eating 1.h. They are playing 1.i. They are cooking

4. How long is the event? 1.j. One day 1.k. Two days 1.l. Three days

5. Who is talking about the past? 1.m. The children 1.n. The men 1.o. The old people

6. Who are Jack and Mario? 1.p. Jack is a reporter and Mario is the person who

organized the event 1.q. Jack is a tourist and Mario is the event organizer 1.r. They are reporters

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