Is publicity sexist ?, Apuntes de Inglés

Is publicity sexist ?, Apuntes de Inglés

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The aim of this paper is to analyze if today advertising is sexist or is only a feeling. Furthermore we are going to see some differences depending on sex.

Some people suggest that publicity is blatantly sexist but there is no way I could agree with that. I think ads have changed brutally in few years but companies still having thirty seconds to show a video. Therefore if they put a sexy woman and increase their incomes, good for them ! That are just marketing strategies.

However, man and woman advertisements are completely distinct. The man is serious, watcher and brawny and on the other hand, the woman is careless, amusing and attractive.

Regarding to upcoming ads, it would be advisable to do not increase the level of sexism. I believe that by a long period of time we will not have passed the red line of respect. All in all, I would reccommend do not watch advertisments, skip it !

Pau Marti TEXT 2

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