It's hard to start again , Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms
paumf9929 de mayo de 2017

It's hard to start again , Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms

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Oh!, this can not be true, today I have to start working. The live is so hard and the summer is too short. It's true that I only have to work few minuts in a day but is horrible because later I have a big backache. Oh sorry, I haven't introduced me yet. I am Ring and I am Jonh's clock.  I am going to work at 7 o'clock and I must sound loudly because Jonh is a huge sleepyhead. By the next summer, I will have worked five years, I am already an old. I am from Great Britain and they treat us even better than Spanish people. When I arrived to this house, Jonh hadn't rised early. This is one of the resons because Jonh hates me.

King regards, Ring

Pau Marti TEXT 1

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