Lucky Number Slevin. The film. , Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms
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Lucky Number Slevin. The film. , Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms

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One of the best films I have seen recently is Lucky Number Slevin, a well-written film directed by Paul McGuigan. Its main characters were Slevin, The Boss, and The Rabbi. The movie is starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

The film is set in the nineties, Slevin's life is not going well. After losing his job and get out of his house, he found his girlfriend with another in bed. Desperate, he decided to leave Los Angeles for a while and stay in a friend's apartment in New York. But Slevin's real nightmare will begin when he gets caught up in the world of the New York Mafia. The two most respected and feared gangsters of the city, the Rabbi and the Boss.

The pace of the film is frantic and in my opinion, it has the wittiest plot I have ever seen. The only flaw in the flick is that it's very long. Let me conclude by saying that Lucky number Slevin is a worthy film to follow by anyone who loves cinema. I would certainly recommend it because it has an amazing plot and spectacular actors.

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