My favourite dreamland, Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms
paumf9929 de mayo de 2017

My favourite dreamland, Otro de Inglés. Jaume Viladoms

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It is said that happiness is difficult to find. I disagree with that, actually, is as easy as knowing a good way. In fact, there are some shortcuts, like money, health or power.

I want to talk about my dreamland. My paradise would be on one island, near to the civilization. There would be silent, and birds could fly around the sea. I would get up when the sun came out and I would sleep when it goes down. My dreamland would be full of landscapes, nevertheless, there also would be plenty of technology. Our food would be the tastiest of the planet and we would have first class chefs. There wouldn't be problems and we would cast out the gàngsters. Above all, the people would be honest and righteous.

Let me conclude by saying that my dreamland would be the most amazing land that has ever existed although would be also an excellent road to happiness.

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