Night to his day Essay, Apuntes de Antropología Social. Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Night to his day Essay, Apuntes de Antropología Social. Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

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Asignatura: gender and identity, Profesor: olga jubany, Carrera: Antropologia Social i Cultural, Universidad: UB
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Sina Dehner Gender and Identity Universitat de Barcelona 1. Essay

Judith Lorber: Night to his day

In the Essay „Night to his day“ Judiht Lorber speaks about the conceptions of gender in our

contemporary society. She states her point, that there is a reason for the movement of an equality in

the treatment for both genders and the roles that they (are supposed to) perform, since sex only

becomes „a gender status through naming, dress, and the use of other gender markers“ (p. 55).

She talks about the gender construction, which is, according to her, only happening through

cultural and social creation and is determined only by the genital the baby is given by birth, which

makes the child belong to a specific sex catgory. The society than makes the genderless child, by

different treatment, expectations, cultural behaviour, rules and tasks to a gendert man or woman.

The expectation held to those are mostly oppresive to female beings, starting with their rights,

expactions on their behaviour, looks and their subordinate role to a man, which is acutally in many

countries still the present state. Furthermore there can be differences in physical, intellectual or

emotional characteristics between men and women, but the question is, if they would have been this strong, if they both have had the same treatment from the beginning. Only the given body

differences and shapeso do not automatically make a human being talk, act, live or think differently,

only the given cultural and social norms.

Lorber states, that those norms are used by humans to organize their daily life and put the society

into order. Clearly, women and men are both the cause of life for each other and therefore for

society, which is the combination of those. Even if there is still room to argue that gender is not

only a social construction but also a biological consequence , I would agree, that gender mostly is a

construction made by the society. This can also be seen, when we look into different societies, to

find out that their gender construction may be completely different from ours. Going to the extreme

example, the Saudi Arabian states, where women nearly don't have any rights aren't allowed to do

or say anything without the approvement of a male, while there are societies, where the differences

between men and women are only visible when it comes to reproduction.

I hope that one day, people will more and more focus on our similarities than stressing the

differences the both genders allegedly bring with themselves.

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