QUESTIONS 3, Apuntes de Endocrinología

QUESTIONS 3, Apuntes de Endocrinología

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Asignatura: Psicoendocrinologia, Profesor: Ferran Suay, Carrera: Psicologia, Universidad: UV
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QUESTIONS 3 1. One way hormones influence sex is by activating reproduction-related behavior of adults. This is the…

a. Organizational way. b. Activational way. c. None of the above.

2. Which one is correct?

a. Female gonadal hormones are cyclic. b. Female gonadal hormones are steady. c. Female and male gonadal hormones are cyclic.

3. When does sexual differentiation startt?

a. It starts at six weeks gestation. b. It starts at seven weeks gestation. c. It starts the third month gestation.

4. Name the three classes of gonadal hormones. The three classes of gonadal hormones are Androgens, Progestins and Estrogens. 5. When do the secondary sex characteristics develop. Name three examples. It starts developing during Puberty. Breast development, pitch change to voice and menstruation. 6. Why males are not affected by alpha fetoprotein? Because testosterone is immune to it, the protein does not cross blood brain barrier and testosterone goes unaffected to the brain where it is converted into estradiol and exerts masculinizing effects.

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