Robots power. My work, your work, his work., Apuntes de Inglés

Robots power. My work, your work, his work., Apuntes de Inglés

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Many people argue that robots are removing people jobs. Should we stop the progress? If we look backward in time, our experience tells us no.

It turns out that at the end of the 19th century, the first cars came out. Lots of people were excited about the project, but what was going on with the professions of the horse world? Thousands of people lost their jobs, all the same, new works came up.

I would say although changes could bring some headaches, they are necessary for the good of all. Long story short, no brainer, everyone and especially teenagers must adapt to the evolutions of the civilization over and over again. A clear example was the intelligent phone. It has only existed since 2007 and now everybody has one.

Let me finish by saying that if new technologies will knock our door, we have to let them in.

Pau Marti TEXT 9

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