Exercices - langue anglaise 16, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
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Exercices - langue anglaise 16, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercices - langue anglaise 16 - correction. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: compréhension, expression.
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1. In what country does the scene take place? Justify your answer by quoting from the text. The scene takes place in the USA.

(1.3) – "New York City"

Accepter (1.52) – "New York City"

2. How many characters are present in the scene? Name them and say which one is the main character.

There are three characters present in the scene : Fiona Sweeney who is the main character, Chris and Devi. (1.28).

3. Give additions / information about the main character (surname, nickname, family composition).

The main character is Fions Sweeney whose nickname is Fi (1.4). She has one brother and two sisters (1.50). We're not sure whether her mother is still alive (1.7) but she brought them up by herself

Les 3 premiers repérages sont essentiels ; toute remarque pertinente sur les parents sera bonifiée.

4. Pick out two quotations to prove that the main character is about to leave. (1.1-2) : "Fiona Sweeney duffel bag."

( / .5) : "she wouldn't be hearing sirens for a while.

( / .6-7) : "She turned her attention back to her bag, which still had space. What else should she take?"

(1.12) : "She tucked it in."

(1.30-31) : "the payer on which she'd written a list of all the items he thought she should bring and might forget. "

Ne pas accepter les citations suivantes (1.20-21) - "She had pills ; she had repellents ; logically, she knew she’d be fine." (1.24-25) - "Eventually, mosquitoes became a metaphor for everything she feared about this trip (1.27) - "why she was going" (1.42) - "already partly in another place

5. The main character's destination is Kenya. Rewrite the following sentences using words from the text to complete them.

Kenya is a country in (a)………… where (b)......................... and English are the two official languages. Nairobi is the capital white (c)……………….. is a smaller city.

a - Africa

b - Swahili

c - Garissa

6. a) How does the main character feel in the passage from line 19 to line 26? She feels apprehensive / she's dreading the trip / she is worried / she's anxious .... / she fears / she's got butterflies in her stomach.

b) Give at least three reasons why the main character feels this way. (30 words) First she knows that Kenya is infested with mosquitoes and plagued with malaria which causes the death of many people. What's more, violence is rampant. Lastly, she wonders, what's in store for her (fear of the unknown).

7. a) Who was an inspiration for the main character to do something out of the ordinary? Justify with a quotation.

Her mother was an inspiration for her as can be seen in line 28 (""shed been a hero, (....)) or lines 28-29 ("Now it was Fi’s turn to do something worthwhile. ")

b) In what way was this person an inspiration? (20 words) Fi admired her mother for having brought / bringing up her four children on her own without ever complaining about her lot.

8. Among the following sentences, choose the one which explains what the play on words Nai- robbery in line 49 means.

a) The crime rate in Nairobi is very high.

9. a) Which people does the pronoun them refer to in the sentence Fi felt connected to them in many ways" (1.41)?

It refers to Chris and Devi.

b) Do these people approve of the main character's decision to go to Kenya? Sum up their arguments. (30 words)

They disapprove on the grounds that it’s too dangerous and she doesn't need to go abroad to fight illiteracy. What’s more, illiteracy mat' not be the most urgent issue / the top priority in Kenya.

10. What arguments does the main character give to refute theirs? (30 words) She argues that New York City is just as dangerous as Garissa. Besides, she has already been involved in volunteer work in New York but she thinks that the need to, fight illiteracy is even greater in Africa.

11. Quote elements from the text to show that, despite their disagreement, the atmosphere is cosy and comfortable in the passage from line 35 to line 44.

(1.36) — "We don’t want to down all your wine by ourselves." (1.37) — "an Enya CD played low".

(1.39) — "plopped onto the floor"

(1.39) — 'I sprawled on the couch"

(1.40) — "a glass of cabernet"

(1.40-41) — "If they reached out, the three of them could hold hands." (1.42) — "a soft light"

(1.43) — "a flattering glow»

On exigera 2 éléments sur les 8 possibles + bonus de 3 points si 4 citations exactes ou plus.

Read the whole text again

12. Explain why the people present in the scène have decided to meet at the main character's home. (30 words)

They have corne for a farewell party and to show they cane. They are there to help her pack and to, see if they can't get her to, change her mind.

13. Analyze what personal benefits the main character hopes to derive from this Kenyan experience. (30 words)

She hopes to spice, up her life / make her life more exciting by taking some "different risks" (1.53).

She wants to escape the daily routine / her humdrum existence.

Above all, she longs to give a meaning to her life by doing something useful.

She may also want to do as well as or better than her mother

even prove she can do something her mother would have been opposed to.

On exigera 2 éléments sur les 5 possibles + bonus de 1 point par élément supplémentaire.


Choose subject 1(a+b) or subject 2.

Subject 1:

Write the letter the main character sends to a friend alter living and working in Kenya for a few weeks. (150 words)

One of the characters suggests that all that people in developing countries avant is "food and medicine" (lines.55-56). To what extent do you agree? (150 words)

Subject 2:

Is it possible to combine idealism with a professional career? (300 words)

1. Compréhension : 10 points Questions Points

1 2+2

2 2+3+1

3 2+2+2

4 3+3

5 2+2+2

6 a) 4 b) 3+3+3

7 a) 2+2 b) 4

8 3

9 a) 2 b) 10

10 10

11 3+3

12 10

13 10

2. Expression : 10 points Voir grille d'évaluation ci-après.

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