Exercices - langue anglaise 8, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
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Exercices - langue anglaise 8, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercices - langue anglaise 8 la grille d'évaluation. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: compréhension, compétence linguistique,
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COMPREHENSION 1) where does the scene take place ? The takes place in the dining-room of the Whitehall's' home. 2) Name the four characters. Say

a) whether they are present or just mentioned. b) how they relate to one another, when possible.

1) Molly Lash (mentioned). She is Jenna's friend. 2) Gary (mentioned). 3) Jenna (present). She is Calvin's wife. 4) Calvin (Present). He is Jenna's husband.

3) Tick the two adjectives which best apply to Jen's state of mind. Justify by quoting from the text.  concerned L.3 "I intend to be with her whenever she wants me.  tense L.5 "Let it out, you'll feel better. " 4) Who or what do the following pronouns refer to ? I. 9 : I Jenna l. 2 : her Molly's l. 3 : I Jenna l. 3 : it her story 5) Are both Jenna and Calvin convinced that Molly told the truth about Gary's death ? Explain in your own words, using elements from the text. (30 words) Jenna is convinced Chat Molly told the truth. "I believe her" whereas Calvin seems to doubt her version of what really happened to Gary. "That's her story." 6) True (T) or false (F) ? Circle the right box and justify by quoting from the text. Calvin Whitehall imposed respect from those around him. L. 9/10 "enhanced the aura of authority" T Calvin Whitehall had always led a comfortable life. L. 11 "his humble beginnings" F He intervened whenever his parents started quarreling. F L. 20 "bedroom that had been his retreat from his parents" He had managed to rise up the social ladder and become his own boss. T L. 31 "At thirty....he wrenched control of the company" Memories of his childhood hardships disappeared completely thanks to his rapid~ ascension. F L. 34 "appeased in him the lingering anger" Calvin's choices left no room for improvisation. T L. 40 "She, too, had been part of his plan. " 7) I. 32/33 : "It was his first opportunity... would win".

What does the narrator's choice of words here reveal about Calvin's determination to succeed ? (40 words) The words "cat and mouse," and "to toy with his prey" show that Calvin wants to dominate others. For him people are obstacles and he is determined to eliminate them in order to achieve persona! success. 8) Define the couples personal relationship. Was it satisfying to both husband and wife ? (54 words) Calvin clearly treats his wife as the treats others in his professional life. He "toys" with her and considers her part of an overall plan. However, Jenna seems satisfied with this state of affairs and also maintains a certain power and independence. EXPRESSION PERSONNELLE : write both essays.

1) A father cries to convince his son that education is the only road to success. His son disagrees. Imagine the dialogue. (150 words)

2) Do you personally think money has become the priority in modern society ? (150 words) Se référer à la grille d'évaluation.

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