Exercitations en anglais 8, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
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Exercitations en anglais 8, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercitations en anglais 8 - The Sunday Times. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: compréhension générale, compréhension détaillée, expression.
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Baccalauréat Technologique SMS,STI, STL, STG LV1 page 1/3

A Dutch clinic that has begun offering the world's first treatment for computer game addicts has been overwhelmed with pleas for help from parents and children all over the world.

"It's amazing, I've never seen anything like it," said Keith Bakker, the American director of the clinic in Amsterdam. "The phone has been ringing constantly. Computer game addiction is obviously an even greater problem than we imagined." 5

The clinic will begin treating two teenagers from Britain this week and other sufferers are being signed in from America and Asia.

"These are perfectly decent kids whose lives have been taken over by an addiction," said Bakker, a former drug addict.

"Some have given up school so they can play games. They have no friends. They don't 10 speak to their parents."

Last week Bakker took his first group of "garners", as he calls them, on a parachuting trip to take their minds off their computers. Treatment also involves meditation, fitness training and group therapy.

Although experts are still debating whether excessive game playing counts as an 15 addiction, Bakker has no doubt that the symptoms are the same.

"It's not a chemical dependency, but it's got everything of an obsessive compulsive disorder and all of the other stuff that comes with chemical dependency."

Tim, a 21-year-old from Utrecht, said he had hardly left his bedroom for five years because he was so obsessed by his computer games. "My room was a mess," he said. 20 "Curtains drawn, pizza boxes, empty bottles and junk food wrappers everywhere."

His parents were frightened of him because, weighing more than 21 stone1, he was too strong for them to confront. Eventually they threatened to kick him out unless he enrolled for a month of therapy.

Bakker said he had been hearing horror stories from parents about their children's 25 addiction to computer games. One couple brought a six-year-old to the clinic, hoping the boy could be treated.

"All we could do was have a chat with him," said Bakker. "He used to be a perfectly healthy kid but they gave him a Nintendo and he changed. He doesn't talk to his friends any more." 30

Many adolescent addicts have stopped maturing because of their addiction, claims Bakker. "I've met 19-year-olds with the emotional intelligence of 10-year-olds," he said, "because when they were 10 a parent said `Here, have this Game Boy,' and they haven't stopped playing ever since."

South Korea and China, where people are particularly passionate about computer games, 35 are discussing with manufacturers ways of discouraging compulsive behaviour.

Bakker thinks that European and American distributors should issue warnings about the dangers.

1 21 stone = 134 kilos

The Sunday Times, July 23rd, 2006

Baccalauréat Technologique SMS,STI, STL, STG LV1 page 2/3

NOTE AUX CANDIDATS Les candidats traiteront les exercices sur la copie qui leur sera fournie et veilleront

- à respecter l'ordre des questions et reporter la numérotation sur la copie (numéro de l'exercice et, le cas échéant, la lettre repère ; ex. : 1 a, l b, etc.) ;

- à faire précéder les citations éventuellement demandées du numéro de ligne dans le texte.

Les candidats des séries SMS, STI, et STL traiteront les questions I, II (A, B, C, D, E) et III.

Les candidats de la série STG traiteront les questions I, II (A, B, C, D, E, F) et III


A) This text is an extract from

1) a web page 2) a newspaper 3) a medical journal 4) a novel

B) The text deals with people accustomed to

1) drugs 2) TV 3) video games 4) the Internet

C) The clinic offering help is located in

1) Great Britain 2) the Netherlands 3) Germany 4) the United States


A- Right or wrong? Justify your answers by quoting from the text.

1- Treatment has been on offer for a long time.

2- This situation is only a European problem.

3- The director of the clinic used to have the same sort of problem.

4- Sufferers prefer playing with their friends.

5- Sport is part of the treatment.

B- The following statements are right. Pick out sentences to justify them. Quote the line.

1- This problem can have disastrous effects on school attendance.

2- Sufferers do not get on well with their parents.

3- All experts do not agree on the nature of the problem. 4- This problem can lead to obesity.

5- Even very young children are concerned.

6- This problem prevents teenagers from growing up normally.

C- Write down 4 adjectives which best describe the players.

1) lazy 2) talkative 3) solitary 4) disturbed

5) healthy 6) anti-social 7) cooperative 8) innovative

D- Pick out two activities proposed as a treatment by the clinic, except physical exercise.

Baccalauréat Technologique SMS,STI, STL, STG LV1 page 3/3

E- Find the equivalent words or expressions in the text.

1- young people between the ages of 13 and 19

2- have stopped doing something

3- scared

4- menaced

5- signed up

6- to publish

La question suivante sera traitée uniquement par les candidats de la série STG.

F. From the following list, write down the four adjectives which best describe the parents' attitude.

1) indifferent 2) fed up 3) irresponsible 4) helpless

5) afraid 6) understanding 7) anxious 8) dependent


III- EXPRESSION: Do both subjects (one and two).

1- Imagine a conversation between Tim and his parents. (80 words)

2- A parents' association writes an article about the dangers of computer games and offers advice. (120 words)

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