Come formulare domande in inglese, Domande di esame di Lingua Inglese. Università Telematica E-Campus (Uniecampus)
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Come formulare domande in inglese, Domande di esame di Lingua Inglese. Università Telematica E-Campus (Uniecampus)

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The purpose of an enquiry is to ask for information about a product or a service. Opening salutation a) Introductory part: inform your addressee where or how you got his address, who you are and why you are interested in his product. b) Central part: state exactly the sort of information you wish to receive and ask for a

0 0 1 Fcatalogue, sample, price list or whatever you need to examine.

c) Closing sentence: promise to place an order if you are satisfied with the information received. Complimentary close

INTRODUCTORY PART Mention the source of the address: Press advertising - We have read your advertisement in this month’s/today’s/the current issue of (name of magazine or newspaper) about your (name of product). - We are interested in your… (product)

• which you have recently advertised in the Herald Tribune • as advertised in the current issue of Newsweek • which we have seen advertised in this month’s Fortune magazine.

0 0 1 F- We noticed your advertisement in our trade magazine and are in terested in the new model

you mention. - We are writing with reference to your advertisement in this month’s Popular Mechanics. Exhibition - We saw/ took your catalogue at the Trade Fair held in (name of town) last October. - We visited your stand at the London Fashion Exhibition and we think that your products/ models might suit our requirements. - While visiting the Birmingham Electrex in January we noticed the production of your firm and we would like to learn more about it. Other sources - We got/obtained your address from our local Chamber of Commerce. - We understand from ... (person or firm) that you are manufacturers/exporters/producers/ supp1ies of ... (product). - Your name was given to us by a mutual friend/acquaintance, Mr... - Your firm has been recommended/mentioned to us by Mr/Messrs…

INTRODUCE YOURSELVES: - We have been engaged in importing ... (product) for 10 years. - We are importers/wholesalers/distributors of ... (product).

0 0 1 F- We are building contractors/a chain of supermarkets/a depart ment store a firm

rnanufacturing... - We are in the market for building materials/women’s shoes /office furniture...

SAY WHY YOU NEED INFORMATION: - We have recently received a number of requests for your line, which we have not dealt in so far. - There is a steady demand here for your products and we wish to expand our range of models/enlarge our stocks. - We have an urgent request for ... (product).

B) CENTRAL PART: THE ACTUAL REQUEST - We would be pleased/glad to receive - We would be grateful if you could send us

- We would appreciate having - We are interested in examining

some illustrated material •

your literature / catalogue / brochure / leaflet •

your latest price-list •

your best offer for a supply of (product) •

a quotation for your... •

some samples of your... •

a pattern-book / some sample cuttings of... - Would you please quote your best prices and let us have your terms for a supply of 1,000 pieces. - We would like to have your 1owest quotation ex works for your... (product) and the terms

0 0 1 Fand conditions on which you would be pre pared to furnish us.

C) CLOSING SENTENCE: REFER TO FUTURE BUSINESS - If your prices compare favourably with others, - If your samples meet our requirements, - If the quality of your product is up to our expectations, - If you are in a position to guarantee prompt delivery, - If your terms are satisfactory,

• we shall send you our order immediately • we are prepared to pass you a trial order • we shall place our order without delay • we shall start a mutually profitable business relationship • we shall probably let you have regular orders.

AND CLOSE THE LETTER: - We look forward to hearing from you soon. - A prompt reply would be appreciated. - We would appreciate an early answer. - We await a reply at your earliest convenience.

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